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How To Transfer YouTube Subscriptions Between Accounts


I have an old YouTube account which happens to have all of my channel subscriptions on it – unfortunately I don’t use this login for anything but YouTube and would rather my subscriptions be in my main gmail account. So I search online to see if you can import or export YouTube subscriptions – you can’t. I did however manage ... Read More »

YouTube App for Android Update Features a Huge Redesign (Download)


  Youtube App Update Includes a Huge Re-design: Google has released the latest version of its YouTube app for Android i.e. v5. The new app was promised to bring a whole new interface to the users that will be much more appealing and easy to navigate than ever before. We took a look at the updated app and can tell ... Read More »

YouTube Live Streaming Issues with Google Chromecast

Youtube Live Stream

YouTube Live Streaming Issues: What happens when the most popular video website in the world doesn’t allow the use of one of the most fast growing video apps in the world of the smartphones? Well, then you have what happens with the YouTube live stream service, as you will see next. We’re not lying, that actually happened, as demonstrated in ... Read More »

Earn Money with Adsense WITHOUT a Website; InfoGraphic

Adsense Revenue Sharing Sites

 Google Adsense Revenue Streams; Earn without a Website!! Adsense can be one of the hardest online revenue streams to get accepted into. I’ll be honest with you all here, the hardest way to get into Adsense is actually using a website to apply. There are far easier ways to get into Adsense, which can actually get you approved within hours ... Read More »

YouTube App Update’s; To be Used as a Music Streamer?

YouTube Logo

  YouTube Update may cause Major Issues to the Music Industry? Ryan Matthews,who is commonly know for revealing future features of all things Google, like the new GMail interface which we saw a couple of weeks ago, Hangouts, Nexus hardware and more. He’s known been able to get his hands on some of the new features about to hit the ... Read More »

Windows YouTube App Slammed; Google Demands it’s Removal

YouTube Logo (Paid Subscription)

Windows YouTube App: Amidst all the news coming out of Google I/O there was another exchange between Google and Microsoft, this time centered around YouTube, the money-making content hub that Google have owned for years now. Microsoft updated their YouTube app for Windows Phone 8 devices last week, and Google are not pleased with it. Not one bit. In fact, ... Read More »

Paranoid Android Halo Notification Switcher; See it in Action!

Paranoid Android Logo

  Paranoid Android Notification Switcher: What are these guys going to come up with next? First Paranoid Android was known for the hybrid layout. Allowing you to use the tablet interface on your phone. Then came per app colors, then Pie. Now we have Halo’s which are basically chat heads, except on steroids. Last week we checked out an early ... Read More »

YouTube to Introduce Paid Subscriptions; Would you Pay to Watch Your Favourite Content?

YouTube Logo (Paid Subscription)

  Youtube Paid Subscription: Today, YouTube decided to kick off their new service for video content makers which will enable them to create a paid subscription. Google is calling this a “pilot program” right now. It allows content creators to charge users a monthly fee to access and watch their videos. Plans start at $0.99 per month and can be ... Read More »

Samsung Galaxy S4 an Instant Success


When the Samsung Galaxy S4 was unveiled last month the new Android-laden flagship netted almost 90,000 social media mentions within just one hour after its launch. Read More »