Sunday , 9 February 2014
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Phillips Hue Lightstrips; Create Your Own Moods!


 Phillips Hue Lightstrips for at home Mood Setting: Pihllips Hue (lightstrips) are set to create an ambient feeling no matter where you are, all controlled by your favorite smartphone or tablet. Philips Hue LED light bulbs are a fully customizable collection of LED bulbs that have the ability to offer up to 16 million different colors by combining three basic ... Read More »

Veho 360 M4 Bluetooth Surround Sound Speaker Review

Veho 360 M4 Bluetooth Speaker

Veho 360 M4 Bluetooth Speaker Review: The team at MobileFun have sent us another product, this time a Veho 360 M4 Surround Sound Portable speaker, I’ve spent a couple of days testing this little speaker in a few different areas and situations, and I’ve been pleasantly surprised ! We’ll go into details such as looks, feel, strength and of course sound ... Read More »

Samsung Galaxy S4 Wireless Charging Pad Now Available

Wireless Charging Pad image 1

Samsung Galaxy S4 Wireless Charging Pad and Wireless Charging Cover are now available for order on Samsung’s Official Website: S4 Wireless charging pad has now been released! Earlier this month, Samsung listed the Qi wireless charging accessories compatible with Samsung Galaxy S4 on its official website. It was great news for S4 users but didn’t bring any happiness to them ... Read More »

5G Plans; Samsung to Launch 5G Wireless By 2020


5G Wireless Technology by Samsung: It’s looking more and more like within 10 years we’ll all be using gigabit Internet, however not just through fiber, but also through the wireless network, if Samsung has something to say about it with their plan to launch 1 Gbps 5G technology by 2020. Yes, we’ve only just got 4G and that’s still rolling out, ... Read More »