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OtterBox Pursuit Waterproof Case; Otterbox Review

OtterBox Pursuit Waterproof Case

  OtterBox Pursuit Waterproof Case: Thanks to the team at OtterBox we’ve got our hands on the OtterBox Pursuit waterproof case.  OtterBox are probably one of the most well known rugged case provider on the market. With their elegant yet extremely protecting cases they’ve become almost the company whom sets the standard on device protection. Their shipping is extremely quick and products ... Read More »

Water Resistant and Ruggedized Galaxy S4 Active Announced by Samsung

Water Resistant/Ruggedised S4

  Galaxy S4 Active, Water Resistant and Ruggedized; The rumored Galaxy S4 Active is finally being announced by Samsung today, and it’s pretty much what all rumors have said and shown so far. It’s the ruggedized, water resistant and dust proof version of the Galaxy S4 but doesn’t really explain the S4 Active part what makes “Active”. However unlike many other ... Read More »

Water Damage; How to Save a Water Damaged Device


Water Damage: We have all had that cell-phone that we “Dropped” in the Toilet, or the device that miraculously jumped into that puddle, and the Tablet that tried to swim down the bath to freedom. Here is a guide to tell you what to do with Water Damage, how to try and Resolve it and what to do if your ... Read More »

Sony’s Water and Dust Proof Galaxy S IV “Active” Gets Bluetooth Certification


There are a lot of smartphone consumers out there who need a device that can stand up to the natural elements. Currently if you need something capable of taking a Bear Grylls type beating, you are pretty much limited to just the mid/low end military standard grade Kyocera Torque on Sprint. Read More »

Xperia ZR Released by Sony; More Waterproof Xperia Z For Underwater Snappers

Xperia Z Water Proof

  Xperia ZR Waterproof Phone: By now, we all know the score when it comes to the Xperia Z, it’s a waterproof and dust proof flagship from Sony that’ll resist the elements somewhat. For Sony though, that doesn’t seem enough and they’ve announced today the Xperia ZR, a new, more waterproof version of the Xperia Z. Read More »

Charge your Smartphone using Water


Water and smartphones have never got on, but that’s set to change. The myFC PowerTrekk is going to be going on sale very soon letting users charge their cell-phones using ordinary tap water. You may be asking yourself, power and water? Well, you’d be right to ask, as it isn’t just the water that will charge your cell-phone. Their is ... Read More »