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Falcon Pro been Shut Down by Twitter?

Falcon Pro 2

Falcon Pro’s latest 2.0.3 version is not available, but older 2.0.2 version has been published for users: Update – DOWNLOAD THE OLD APK HERE (Lets you get a new token to Sign back in) Just recently the famous Twitter app “Falcon Pro” reset the API tokens and the next day it looked like they had all been used. Twitter tokens is their ... Read More »

TapThatTech now helping Provide Online Services


Online Service Provided: TapThaTech are now helping a new a fast growing Company who provide Online Services They are fast growing and have already helped 1000′s of users grow their website/blog or business in a variety of ways. They help get the word out their, and grow your businesses visibility and priority. The services they provide are things such as: ... Read More »

Google+ Receives Game Changing Update; 41 New Features


  Google+ Receives a Huge Update; 41 New Features We here at Android Headlines love Google Plus. So when we get news of a huge update we are understandably excited. The update announced by Google today definitely qualifies for a few claps of appreciation. Read More »

Google+ A Ghost Town; Loosing out to Twitter and Facebook


Google gloated last fall that their social networking site Google+ had reached 400 million members,  however of this 400 million users, Google went on to say that around a quarter (100 million) were active users of the service. With this said however, its well known that Brands, Businesses and Enterprises are still choosing to ignore Google+ for whatever reason. The ... Read More »

Are Google’s Social Services (Google+ etc) More Likely to Fail?


Google is one of the most successful companies in the world. Last year alone they pulled in $50 billion in revenue and their stock is continually setting new all time high records. Despite their fantastic successes, Google, like any other company, has produced its fair share of failures. Read More »

Take a Look at Paranoid Android’s New Halo Feature’s [Video]

Paranoid Android Halo

Earlier this week, Paranoid Android showed off an awesome new feature for their custom ROM. It was called Halo. Well today, the team was nice enough to give us a test build of the custom ROM with the new features. Now before we move on, it’s important for us to note that this is a preview build and that the ... Read More »

No Surprise that US Variants of Galaxy S4 Will Ship With Locked Bootloaders


  (Image of HTC One X – No Released Bootloader image for S4) Well, isn’t this surprising, it looks like once again the carriers are locking down a Samsung device. Of course, it isn’t just Samsung devices that the carriers lock down but, in the case of the Galaxy S 4 there are going to be more people out there looking to ... Read More »

Samsung’s Galaxy S4 Now Available in AT&T Stores, and Online at Sprint


After facing a relatively short delay, the Galaxy S4 is now available at your local AT&T store, and online at Right now only the 16GB Galaxy S4 is available on both carriers, T-Mobile should be releasing theirs online in a couple of days, while Verizon is doing pre-orders now and launching their Galaxy S4 May 30th. If you’re on ... Read More »

Samsung Galaxy S4 an Instant Success


When the Samsung Galaxy S4 was unveiled last month the new Android-laden flagship netted almost 90,000 social media mentions within just one hour after its launch. Read More »

Twitter Shuts down TweetDeck for Good


Twitter recently revealed that it was going to close the TweetDeck appliation on both the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. It has now been confirmed that the app hasn’t got much much life left, as Twitter has now fully confirmed that the application will be fully shut down for good on or by the 7th of May. After ... Read More »