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Printer Tips to Save You Money!

Printer Tips 1

Printer Tips Manufacturers don’t want us to know: Everyone in the world who owns a printer has probably at least once had to go through the unpleasant experience of buying replacement ink and toner cartridges. The reason why this is such a hassle is because of the price of these consumables. The  printer manufacturers always warn us not to buy ... Read More »

How to Encrypt Data on your Smartphone (Encryption for All OS’s)

Android Encryption 1

How to Encrypt Data on your Smartphone In current time, spying and hacking activities are evolving rapidly that makes many users victim without their awareness. Few days ago, USA’s National Security Agency was keeping eyes on internet activities without user’s awareness, probing the call records of Verizon’s 99 million users that is a sign of infringement of your privacy. People ... Read More »

Backup Your Laptop Drive – Guide

Backup Your Laptop Drive Guide

How to Backup Your laptop Drive: What does devastation mean to you, in strict regards to work, digital data, personal information and critical files? Did you ever travel and forget your passport somewhere? Perhaps you lost something very dear to you (knowing that losing it is a major hassle, if not anything else). If you did, you do know the ... Read More »

How To: Transfer Music from iTunes to Android

Screen Shot 2013-06-19 at AM 10.14.59

Transfer Music from iTunes to Android; In this guide, I’m going to be showing you how to Transfer Music from iTunes to Android. With the advent of modern technology, access to music has become quicker, easier, and nearly instantaneous with portable devices that allow people to carry around their entire music collection around with them. To Transfer Music from iTunes ... Read More »

How To Root Samsung Galaxy S4 on Android 4.2

Galaxy S4 Root

  How To Root the Samsung Galaxy S4 (Android 4.2): Samsung has a few different variants of the Galaxy S4, today we are going to take a look at how to root the Exynos 5 Octa version which is model GT-I9500. If you own a Snapdragon 600-based version please do not attempt to use this guide to root your device ... Read More »

Google Wallet Causing Huge Losses; Still Valuable to Google!

Google Wallet Taking a Big Chunk out of Googles Pocket; Back in 2011, Google announced its plans to revolutionize the way we buy things with its new Wallet service. The Google Wallet app promised to allow users to be able to buy things from retailers via their phone. The problem was, however, that far too many retailers supported the technology ... Read More »

Water Damage; How to Save a Water Damaged Device


Water Damage: We have all had that cell-phone that we “Dropped” in the Toilet, or the device that miraculously jumped into that puddle, and the Tablet that tried to swim down the bath to freedom. Here is a guide to tell you what to do with Water Damage, how to try and Resolve it and what to do if your ... Read More »

Google to Finally Sync App Data Across Devices; No More Backups?

Sync Logo

App Data Sync to become available? For years Android users from across the world have asked Google to provide a service similar to iCloud backup. Sadly all we have is a service that will re install all the apps you had on a previous phone or tablet etc. While this is certainly useful, it is always a huge pain to ... Read More »

Google To Unveil Smartwatch, Along With Changes to GMail and Maps

Google I/O Logo 2013

  Google to release lots of Goodies at this years I/O With only a few days to go before Google I/O finally kicks off, you’d think that the leaked info and the rumors would sort of die down, and everyone would sit tight to see what’s going to happen next, right? Well, this is Internet so, the chances of that ... Read More »

Android App Marketing; Get your App Seen!

Google Play Logo

Android App Marketing: App Marketing is extremely important to develops and app marketing can be the make or break for a developer/app. Google is one of the most popular names in technology and the Google Play store is a further expansion of their brand not only competing with Apples App Store, but offering a whole world of app developers a place to ... Read More »