Sunday , 9 February 2014
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Netflix to Offer Four Simultaneous Streams for $11.99


Members of Netflix who share their login information with their family and friends may at same point have run into the “2 stream cap”. At the moment Netflix users are able to stream content on only two devices at any one time. If you try to stream to more than two, you’ll be denied viewing until someone stops streaming content. Read More »

Charge your Smartphone using Water


Water and smartphones have never got on, but that’s set to change. The myFC PowerTrekk is going to be going on sale very soon letting users charge their cell-phones using ordinary tap water. You may be asking yourself, power and water? Well, you’d be right to ask, as it isn’t just the water that will charge your cell-phone. Their is ... Read More »

Google Now Soon to be Fully Cross Platform?


Google Now has been one of the best innovations for Android for quite some time. Now new code discovered in one of Google’s test pages suggest that it could soon be implemented onto the web. Most of you may be thinking that Chrome would be needed, but not necessarily as it could be used through Google’s homepage. Code snippets show ... Read More »

Twitter Shuts down TweetDeck for Good


Twitter recently revealed that it was going to close the TweetDeck appliation on both the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. It has now been confirmed that the app hasn’t got much much life left, as Twitter has now fully confirmed that the application will be fully shut down for good on or by the 7th of May. After ... Read More »

Is the Samsung Galaxy S4 “Un-Scratchable”


Some of you may already know that Samsung’s flagship Galaxy S4 is going to be the first of its Galaxy line to by Samsung to use Corning Gorilla Glass. According to Corning the Samsung Galaxy S4 will sport the strongest display on the market when it finally arrives. The Galaxy S4 will use a 5.0″(inch) Full HD AMOLED display. A ... Read More »

Facebook Home not Taken off as Expected


Facebook Home has just entered the 500k downloads mark on Google Play. The Platform was launched on April 16th and it took Facebook Home around a week to receive 500k downloads. Facebook Home isn’t necessarily an “App” as such but more of a User-Interface (a.k.a Launcher). The aim of Facebook home was to try and make Facebook the central point of the Android experience. Read More »

Galaxy Note III to have first plastic OLED display


Samsung has been considering introducing the first Plastic OLED display. The chosen device that will feature the first Plastic OLED display is the coveted Note III. SamMobile hinted a while ago on Twitter that the next generation display by Samsung would be the Plastic OLED display. The Note III will go on sale from Q4 2013. You also may notice that the Note III’s ... Read More »

NASA Streaming Live from Space, Watch it Here


Two of NASA’s employee’s are venturing outside the International Space Station today. The aim of them going outside today is to retrieve several Scientific monitors from previous experiments. In addition, they are expected to install a new Navigation Grid. Pavel Vinogradov and Roman Romanenko are the men in the lime-light today and opened the hatch to the airlock and docking compartment at ... Read More »

Competition | Win X-Treme Guard Full Body/Screen Protector (HTC One X)


Win a X-Treme Guard Full Body and Screen Protector (Worth $18.95) Follow TapThatTech on Twitter to participate ! Read More »

Archos to Release Four new Smartphones


Archos seem to be preparing four new Android smartphones and it looks like they’re sticking to their shotgun approach (creating a lot, hoping one will be successful). They’ve released a spec sheet featuring the four new devices ready for market. As with their tablets, the new Archos devices are following the element naming scheme. The new devices include a basic, ... Read More »