Sunday , 9 February 2014
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Remember the Milk Updated with New User Interface


One of the most popular To-Do apps, “Remember The Milk” has just received a huge update and has now been released on the Play Store.  It has a completely re-designed user interface which will greatly improve the experience. Read More »

Verizon to Spend $100 Billion to Buy Out Vodafone’s Stake


It might come as a surprise to you to learn that Vodafone own 45% of Verizon, which you all know to be the largest wireless carrier in the US. Who are Vodafone? Well, readers in Europe and Australia will know the name well but, in this context they’re a fantastically large International Wireless Giant that has stakes in wireless companies ... Read More »

HTC Decide to Switch Microphones after Nokia’s Injunction


Earlier this week we found out that HTC has a Nokia exclusive microphone in their HTC One. We also learned that it was the component supplier (STMicroelectronics) fault and not HTC’s. This week, HTC released a statement that offered reassurances that they would continue to have supplies for their flagship device, saying that they would continiue to use microphones it ... Read More »

One of the Longest Betas Finally Closes, Swype Now Available in the Play Store


For as long as I can actually remember Swype has been in beta phase and in all honesty I expected it to stay that way forever. It seems that GMail is the only software program that had a Beta open longer. For those that already use Swype, don’t get excited; there isn’t anything especially different with the new one. Effectively it’s ... Read More »

Paper Shredder Concept Turns Paper into Briquettes


Lets face it, shredding paper is fun we all have the urge to just shred some when we see a shredder. Well with this new concept for a paper shredder you will be able to not only shred the paper but burn it once shredded too. This new idea for a paper shredder is to turn the result of your ... Read More »

Foxconn to pickup $1billion iPhone Bill


Whilst apple launched its fifth of the iPhone line last September, it didn’t take long before cracks started to appear. There where immediate complaints from all corners, Apple weren’t happy, the manufacturers weren’t happy and their customers certainly weren’t. It was quickly apparent that the issue was its Aluminium case as it wasn’t just arriving cracked and scratch they were ... Read More »

LG Ships More Devices than Ever


Not so long ago tech giant Samsung began making profits in the range of Apple which is probably safe to say that most of that is going to be down to Samsung’s smartphone division and their very popular Galaxy and Note lines. To the surprise of some LG is now heading in that direction with huge sales increases in their now flourishing Smartphone ... Read More »

Firefox OS Developer Devices Selling Like Hotcakes


FireFox have been around for a little over 10 years now (2002) and was first released on September the 23rd 2002. Firefox is one of the most popular open source browsers available to date. This is for many different reasons, namely that it is a fast and reliable browser. It was released for Windows, OSX and Linux with a mobile ... Read More »

Google Glass Code Hints at Head and Eye Gesture Controls


When you look at the bigger picture technology and namely smartphones have only just given us the ability to use finger-based gesture controls. It also hasn’t been a great deal of time since phones became sophisticated and did more than just calls and lets not forgot SNAKE! With Google Glass somewhere in the near future we may already be moving ... Read More »

Ultra Mobile to Introduce $19 Calling Plan with Unlimited Internation SMS


Ultra Mobile are about to introduce a new calling plan. The plan seems to be aimed at people on a tight budget so if you’re one of those, trying to keep in touch with family and friends who live, work or travel abroad you may be happy to know that Ultra Mobile is bringing a plan out for you! The ... Read More »