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Schmidt on Google Glass Critics “Society Afraid of Change”


Well isn’t that true. A good example is the change in Windows 8. Everyone complained that it was horrible, etc., but the only real thing they could say was bad about the new OS was that the start button was gone and the start menu had changed. Sounds like people are just afraid of change, right? Well Google Glass is ... Read More »

Samsung’s Galaxy S4 Now Available in AT&T Stores, and Online at Sprint


After facing a relatively short delay, the Galaxy S4 is now available at your local AT&T store, and online at Right now only the 16GB Galaxy S4 is available on both carriers, T-Mobile should be releasing theirs online in a couple of days, while Verizon is doing pre-orders now and launching their Galaxy S4 May 30th. If you’re on ... Read More »

66 Amazing Commands to Use with Google Now


; Google Now Commands; 66 Google Now Commands you may not have known: Google Now has been around for quite some time now, but its been brought to Google’s attention that hardly any of the features are used. The main feature that is being report as not being used is the commands you can actually use through Google Now. Read More »

Latest Google Play Receives Another Update: Find it Here (APK V 4.0.27)

Google Play Store Logo

As is pretty common when it comes to releases of the Google Play Store app, there are multiple changes that follow the initial release. Version 4 of the Play Store hit not too long ago with its drastic departure from the old black and green look to something more like Google Now. Read More »

Google Stopping App’s from Updating Themselves, you Too Facebook !

Google Play Store Logo

The Play Store has undoubtedly matured in the past few years, since graduating from the Android market and it now offers all manner of content. At the heart of it all though, are the apps, and nowadays developers are constantly tweaking, fixing bugs, revamping features and more. Read More »

Samsung Admit the Galaxy S4 isn’t as Revolutionary as first Though


Ah, the Galaxy S 4, surely, it’s the greatest smartphone there ever has been and ever will be, right?! It has to be, it’s a Samsung! All joking aside, the Galaxy S 4 is an immensely popular smartphone and it’s only just launched. Much like the Galaxy S III before it, Samsung look like they have another multi-million seller on their hands. Read More »

Sony Xperia ZR leaked, yet another Quad Core, Water Resistant phone


Among the latest leaks, is the Sony Xperia ZR, which, is not only smaller in size, but more water resistant than the current Sony flagship as well. Read More »

Concerns that Google Glass is “In-appropriate”


Google Glass has been making some headway lately, and it hasn’t gone un-noticed. Theres been many different issues raised about not only the safety of the device but also the privacy. The safety concerns revolve around concentration, especially for drivers etc. The privacy concerns are mainly focused around people having the ability to take photos and videos with no warning. Read More »

Samsung Galaxy S4 an Instant Success


When the Samsung Galaxy S4 was unveiled last month the new Android-laden flagship netted almost 90,000 social media mentions within just one hour after its launch. Read More »

iPhone Hack-King “Comex” To Intern at Google


It was hardly surprising when the news broke of the extraordinarily talented hacker known as Comex was turned away from Apple because he wasn’t quick enough replying to their e-mails but, what is a little surprising is that he’s heading to Google for an internship. If you’re unfamiliar with Comex, he’s the teenage hacker that managed to crack open the iPhone like ... Read More »