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HTC’s Profits for Q1 Fall 98%; Making Just $2.85 Million Despite Launch of the One


It looks lie HTC is still struggling after reading the company posting their Q1 Results they arent looking great. Year-on-year the company’s profits have fallen 98%. Net profit has fallen to just NT$85 Million ($2.85 Million) from last year’s NT$4.5 Billion ($152 Million). That’s a sharp decrease and one that HTC might not be able to live through for another ... Read More »

TTT Highlights: 5 Tell-Tale Signs your Android Device is Infected with Malware


Android is generally not associated with Malware, however recently Android has started to receive spikes in its Malware. It has been reported that the second half of 2012 saw a 292% increase in Malware in relation to the first half of the same year. This is due to many factors one of which being that Android is spreading so rapidly, and is fairly scattered due to ... Read More »

Samsung Now Producing Faster, More Efficient LPDDR3 RAM for Mobile Devices


Just as there was a time when we forgot all about RAM in the PC Industry, it seems that nobody cares about the memory in their smartphones anymore. Well, that is everyone except for Samsung. You can have the fastest CPU in the world but, if your RAM is not keeping up, then the overall performance of your machine isn’t going to ... Read More »

Verizon To Offer Cloud Storage; Backup Solution


Recently there’s been some big hype around the movement to cloud storage solutions and although there are already a vast array of Cloud Services to choose from with some major players such as Dropbox, and Google Cloud people still seem to worry about their personal, private and often confidential data. Read More »

No Surprise that US Variants of Galaxy S4 Will Ship With Locked Bootloaders


  (Image of HTC One X – No Released Bootloader image for S4) Well, isn’t this surprising, it looks like once again the carriers are locking down a Samsung device. Of course, it isn’t just Samsung devices that the carriers lock down but, in the case of the Galaxy S 4 there are going to be more people out there looking to ... Read More »

Samsung Note III Design Still being Decided, Three Choices up in the Air


Over the weekend, we ran a story about a Galaxy Note III prototype, which has since turned out to be fake, which is hardly surprising really. SamMobile are back with what they claim to be more information on the Galaxy Note III. Apparently, they’ve been passed an update which contains details on the design of the Galaxy Note III. They’re claiming that ... Read More »

HTC One 1.29 Firmware Update hits the UK


HTC seemed to have left out the UK in the last update, which may have made some of you feel less important than their over-seas consumers. HTC only had a limited roll-out last week, which hit some European countries. HTC has now made the 1.29.401.12 update live for Unlocked HTC One users in the UK. This comes in a little less than ... Read More »

TTT Highlights: Learning to Function Without an SD Card


Many people nowadays have one big complaint with a vast array of the devices that are released nowadays, their biggest gripe is the SD slot or lack of. Not having a micro SD card slot is not a fail. Especially if you’ve heard about all the problems Sony is having with their Xperia Z. One major reason OEMs are doing away with the ... Read More »

Optimus GK brings the best of Optimus Pro, into a Manageable 5″ Device


LG have had a fairly good year in their Smartphone division this year, with it being said that this division maybe and probably is carrying some of LG’s other departments. A lot of this is probably due to their very popular Optimus range of devices. LG announced last night that theirs another device soon to be added to the line. The device ... Read More »

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Rumored Specs: 5.99-inch Display, 3GB of RAM and Exynos 5 Octa!


Now that the Galaxy S4 is out and making it’s way to all the carriers it’s going to eventually be available on, it’s time to look at some Galaxy Note 3 rumors. We all love rumors right? Well before we get started, it’s important that we remind our readers that this is a rumor and could entirely be 100% false. ... Read More »