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Incognito Apps from Cyanogen Mod; Protecting your Privacy

Incognito Apps Cyanogen Mod

  Incognito Apps on the way from CyanogenMod; Recently we heard some rumors that AOSP Android would be getting some improved security features, including a unique incognito apps which would be ideal for when guests use a device. Steve Kondik, of the CyanogenMod team is now working on something similar for the famed custom Android software. More specifically, he wants to create some ... Read More »

Gameloft’s Asphalt 8: Airborne will bring WOW factor


Gameloft’s  Asphalt 8: Airborne racing game is a cheap package of full fun: All Racing fans now better be ready for a new racing experience with Gameloft. The Gameloft has officially confirmed the next installment of their Asphalt series the “Asphalt 8: Airborne”.The Gameloft’s Asphalt 8: Airborne is set for summer release and will cost only $0.99 which will definitely ... Read More »

iOS 7 Copying Android; Familiar Look


iOS 7: Not Copying, Borrowing Unless you hadn’t been online for the past few days, you’ve probably heard of Apple’s newest iteration of iOS. Apple completely redesigned and transformed their platform into something fresher. It has been noted, though, that the mobile OS seems to look similar to some of its competitors. iOS 7 shows the biggest change to the ... Read More »

New Shipping Options now Available for Google Play

New Shipping option nexus 4

New shipping options “Ground” and “Saver” on Google Play store can save a little cash for you: Guess what? Google is now taking some steps to help you saving some cash. As it was rumored before, recently Google added some new options for shipping of ordered devices from Google Play. If you are not in much hurry to get your order as ... Read More »

T-Mobile’s $30/month Unlimited Data Plan

T-Mobile (1)

T-Mobile $30 per month unlimited data plan is a great choice: Let me start by asking a question to all my lovely readers, “For what purpose, do you use your phone?” Probably the answer will be to make calls to your friends and family members. But let me remind you all that in today’s time the so called devices, “Phones” ... Read More »

Galaxy S5 to Be Built Using “Premium Materials”

 Galaxy S5 to Receive some “Special Treatment”: Oh man, are we already talking about the Galaxy S5 – didn’t the S4 just launch? I know, I know but please, stick with me. The main complaint that Samsung detractors have had with their devices is that their build-quality has always left a little to be desired, thanks to the heavy use of plastics. ... Read More »

Google Announces Purchasing of Waze

  Waze all snapped up by Google; Google confirmed earlier today that their purchase of Waze has completed. Essentially, as many predicted, Waze will operate independently while supplying Google Maps updated traffic information. So, not much is going to change except for the incorporation of traffic features into Google’s services. As we covered here, Apple also had a go at ... Read More »

S4′s AMOLED Display Gains Samsung an Award; 97% Color Accuracy

Samsung Award

AMOLED Color Accuracy Award for Samsung; AMOLED screens especially Super AMOLED’s have always had incredible contrast and color range, but despite this the colors displayed by Samsung’s panels have always felt a little bit over saturated. With colors that seemed too good to be true. The richness and vibrancy of the colors made a lot of people buy these phones. ... Read More »

Halo from ParanoidAndroid now Open Sourced; Released to GitHub

 Halo from Paranoid Android released to GitHub, FIND IT HERE; There was one feature of Facebook Home that I think we can all agree that we loved, and that was Chat heads. It’s one of the best decisions Facebook has made in quite a while. The folks at Paranoid Android went ahead and added Chat Heads to their ROM, but it works ... Read More »

Leaked Images of Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom (SM-C101)

Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom

Galaxy S4 Zoom; More Images Leaked; It’s not been much time that we heard about an official picture of new upcoming device of Samsung, the “Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom” which was showed by the SamMobile. Now TechTastic got their hands on the three more pictures of Galaxy S4 Zoom. These images look authentic and show the device exactly as seen ... Read More »