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Nexus 7 Ageing Disgracefully; Users Reporting Issues


  Nexus 7 Suffering in Recent Times; or Just co-incidence? The much-loved 7 inch tablet from Google’s Nexus range is suffering in its old age. Users have identified huge performance issues, with slow OS and lag settling in like dust on a launch model PS3. But if the hardware which was so well reviewed and received by the masses is ... Read More »

Emotion UI, Huawei’s Latest UI for Android Released

Emotion UI

Emotion UI, Huawei’s latest version of Software for Android released; a Demo Video dropped by Huawei: The company Huawei which brought the slimmest Smartphone of the world “Ascend P6” also revealed the new version of their software for Android “Emotion UI” on the Ascend A6 launch. Huawei said that the new Emotion UI is prepared and improved from feedbacks of ... Read More »

Former HTC execs create Kazam mobile startup

Kazak; HTC Execs “Can’t Quit the Phone Game”: Two former HTC execs have partnered up to create a new company called Kazam. The mobile-related company will work towards creating phones in the European market. Michael Coombes, the former head of sales at HTC, and James Atkins, former UK marketing head, said on Monday that they are launching their own smartphone manufacturer. Read More »

Anti-Theft to Improve Security; Samsung to Introduce “Kill Switch”

Samsung Logo

Anti-Theft Features from Samsung to bring “Kill Switch” for its Smartphones as soon as from July: Cellphone theft is increasing very fast these days. In a report by The New York Times it was mentioned that in cities like Washington and San Francisco in the United States, cellphone theft is involved in over 40% of the all robberies. And 14% ... Read More »

Apple Privacy Statement Release; Customer Privacy

Apple Privacy; Important for Customers and Apple? On the heels of Microsoft and Facebook, Apple has put out a public statement concerning  apple privacy, namely for its consumers. This follows the public outburst over the NSA’s PRISM program that has allegedly been spying on the general public. Apple has been authorized to reveal some of the data that its shared ... Read More »

Acer Liquid Range; Providing Smaller 3.5″ Devices

Acer Neon Logo

A 3.5-inch Android phone dubbed the Acer Liquid? Usually when we see Android phones below 4.7-inches we think of them as mid-range or low-end devices. Because all the flagships are 4.7-inch or larger. In fact, even the iPhone has graduated to 4-inches from 3.5-inches. That’s something we never thought would happen. But Acer wants to prove that they can make ... Read More »

Key Lime Pie; UI Concepts Look Great!

KeyLimePie Android

Key Lime Pie Android Concepts Hit the Net; We expected Android 4.3 to be announced at Google I/O, but that didn’t happen. We were expecting Android 5.0 – Key Lime Pie to be coming in the fall, which might still happen but looks to be unlikely at this point. But Jinesh Shah has created some UI concepts for Key Lime Pie that ... Read More »

Gold Plated Galaxy S4; Burn a Hole in your Pocket!

Gold Plated Galaxy S4

  Gold Plated Galaxy S4 now Available; Hefty Price Tag! If you do have the cash to throw around, why not buy one of the best Android phones ever and get it gold plated? Well if you have about $2,600 burning a hole in your pocket, then you can get yourself a Gold Plated Galaxy S4. You can also get ... Read More »

How To Root Samsung Galaxy S4 on Android 4.2

Galaxy S4 Root

  How To Root the Samsung Galaxy S4 (Android 4.2): Samsung has a few different variants of the Galaxy S4, today we are going to take a look at how to root the Exynos 5 Octa version which is model GT-I9500. If you own a Snapdragon 600-based version please do not attempt to use this guide to root your device ... Read More »

Google Cloud Print Released on Google Play Store

Google Cloud Print Android devcie

Google Cloud Print Hits the Play Store: Cloud computing is becoming the next big thing, considering most technology nowadays completely relies on some sort of internet connection, whether it be WiFi or data most functions require a connection. Cloud printing has also been a big part of cloud computing, along with Cloud Storage. Google has now joined the party with ... Read More »