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5G Plans; Samsung to Launch 5G Wireless By 2020


5G Wireless Technology by Samsung: It’s looking more and more like within 10 years we’ll all be using gigabit Internet, however not just through fiber, but also through the wireless network, if Samsung has something to say about it with their plan to launch 1 Gbps 5G technology by 2020. Yes, we’ve only just got 4G and that’s still rolling out, ... Read More »

Smartwatch; Whats with All the Hype?


Smartwatch “The Boom” You’ve all seen the stories. Google is working on a smartwatch, Apple is working on a smartwatch, Samsung, Microsoft and many others are working on smartwatches too. What is it about watches that has convinced companies they are so worthy of all these R & D dollars. Several companies, including tech industry magnate Sony, have even already ... Read More »

New Nexus 7 to Be Powered by Snapdragon 800 CPU; With a 1080p Display

Nexus Logo

  New Nexus 7 (Rumored): Google I/O is just days away. So that means we’re going to be seeing a ton of rumors, leaks and reports all weekend and into next week regarding Google I/O. This latest report is coming from VR-Zone where they are reporting on a few specs of the next-generation Nexus 7. This comes just days after ... Read More »

Chrome Swag for Google I/O Has Just Arrived – Who’s Jealous?

Google I/O Logo 2013

The Google Chrome Developers page on Google+ just posted a picture about an hour ago of a pallet full of boxes with the caption “Boom. Chrome Swag has arrived. #io13″ So those of you heading to Google I/O next week, looks like the Chrome team has plenty of Goodies for you.  Some users think they are T-shirts, which they very ... Read More »

Google Abandons Google Wallet Physical Card; No need for a Physical Card

Google Wallet Logo

  Google Wallet Card Abandoned: We all know about Google Wallet right? That’s Google’s mobile payment service. Now there are two parts to it. There’s the Google Wallet NFC function where you can use your phone to pay for things at McDonalds, Meijer, etc., then there’s the on-the-web function. Basically when you purchase a Nexus device from the Play Store, ... Read More »

Nexus 5, Nexus 8 and Nexus 11 Renders; Drooling for the Real Thing?

Nexus Logo

Nexus Renders: There’s some new renders out for the Nexus 5, Nexus 8, and Nexus 11. These are supposedly going to be the next generation of the Nexus 4, Nexus 7, and Nexus 10 devices. These are not real, but man do they look nice, not to mention the proposed specs of the devices. We’ve been hearing lots of rumors ... Read More »

Paranoid Android Halo Notification Switcher; See it in Action!

Paranoid Android Logo

  Paranoid Android Notification Switcher: What are these guys going to come up with next? First Paranoid Android was known for the hybrid layout. Allowing you to use the tablet interface on your phone. Then came per app colors, then Pie. Now we have Halo’s which are basically chat heads, except on steroids. Last week we checked out an early ... Read More »

Android App Marketing; Get your App Seen!

Google Play Logo

Android App Marketing: App Marketing is extremely important to develops and app marketing can be the make or break for a developer/app. Google is one of the most popular names in technology and the Google Play store is a further expansion of their brand not only competing with Apples App Store, but offering a whole world of app developers a place to ... Read More »

Facebook Home Support Expanded: HTC One, Samsung Galaxy S4 and More


Facebook Home Support Expansion: Many called Facebook a dying fad when the site went public and didn’t turn out to be the big moneymaking product everyone expected it to be. As one of the big pioneers in social media, the company turned to the drawing board only to come back with it’s newest free app, Facebook Home. Facebook Home has ... Read More »

Which Smartphones Lose Value the Fastest; Motorola On Top

Lots of Devices

 Which Smartphones lose value fastest: Have you ever asked yourself “which smartphones lose value fastest” I have, I always like to know I’m putting my money into something worth while. Well we have received some interesting data from our friends over at, a site that will help you recycle your used mobile device and it shows us which smartphones lose ... Read More »