Saturday , 8 February 2014
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Best Smartphone Camera; Samsung Releasing 16.1 MP Smartphone Camera

Samsung Camera

Last year, we saw the release of Samsung’s Galaxy Camera and it seems that while the fusion of Android and high-end camera gear worked well, the pricing and performance of said high-end camera gear held it back. I myself was also pleasantly surprised to see that Camera’s are now receiving some much needed innovation as far as user interface is concerned. Read More »

LG Working With Google for Next Generation Nexus


For LG, Q4 2012, and Q1 2013 have been pretty big quarters. Mostly to do with the fact that they made the Nexus 4 which has been in high demand for quite a while now. In fact at one point shipping time reached 12 weeks. It’s not that LG is a bad OEM or anything, but many people have had ... Read More »

Verizon To Offer Cloud Storage; Backup Solution


Recently there’s been some big hype around the movement to cloud storage solutions and although there are already a vast array of Cloud Services to choose from with some major players such as Dropbox, and Google Cloud people still seem to worry about their personal, private and often confidential data. Read More »

Samsung Admit the Galaxy S4 isn’t as Revolutionary as first Though


Ah, the Galaxy S 4, surely, it’s the greatest smartphone there ever has been and ever will be, right?! It has to be, it’s a Samsung! All joking aside, the Galaxy S 4 is an immensely popular smartphone and it’s only just launched. Much like the Galaxy S III before it, Samsung look like they have another multi-million seller on their hands. Read More »

LG Ships More Devices than Ever


Not so long ago tech giant Samsung began making profits in the range of Apple which is probably safe to say that most of that is going to be down to Samsung’s smartphone division and their very popular Galaxy and Note lines. To the surprise of some LG is now heading in that direction with huge sales increases in their now flourishing Smartphone ... Read More »