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Motomaker Might Soon Debut Wooden Backs For The Moto X

Moto X

Wooden Backs for Moto X via Motomaker The Moto X is the new flagship smartphone by Motorola that many hope will signal a return to form by the once dominant company. It was made available on the AT&T and Rogers networks last week and the response has been mixed to say the least. While many praise its functionality and the ... Read More »

Give your Smartphone the Mahogany Look


Anyone a Fan of Mahogany Smartphones? Mahogany wood has become a symbol of wealth among many people as the furniture crafted from it is quite expensive and amazingly beautiful. It derives its beauty from the beautiful grain and the deep reddish brown color which gives the furniture made from it the quality of looking timeless and classy. Also, they smell ... Read More »

LG to produce Nexus 5 based on LG G2?


 Nexus 5 To be Based on the LG G2? With the release of the Nexus 7 tablet out of the way, rumor mill has started to churn out speculation about another one of Google’s upcoming flagship device; the Nexus 5. Last week, reports emerged pointing towards the possibility that the next Nexus phone might be manufactured by Motorola but that it ... Read More »

Xperia; Has 7″ Tablets Shaking it their boots


Phones the Size of Tablets; Xperia: With the LG G2 getting an official announcement from the company and its specifications being made public, it is time to now focus on the next big upcoming smartphone about which we don’t know everything yet; the Sony Xperia Honami. Being labeled as the successor of the Xperia Z as the next flagship phone ... Read More »

Best Battery Life Smartphone; Find out Here!

Best Battery Life Smartphone

When a new phone is announced or comes out, one of the first things we look for on the spec sheet is the size of the battery. After having smartphones for a few years now, we are pretty much used to how long they last. Which isn’t long at all. Who remembers the old flip phones that would last for ... Read More »

How to Encrypt Data on your Smartphone (Encryption for All OS’s)

Android Encryption 1

How to Encrypt Data on your Smartphone In current time, spying and hacking activities are evolving rapidly that makes many users victim without their awareness. Few days ago, USA’s National Security Agency was keeping eyes on internet activities without user’s awareness, probing the call records of Verizon’s 99 million users that is a sign of infringement of your privacy. People ... Read More »

Best Features of HTC Smartphones

HTC Smartphone

  HTC Smartphones and their “Best” Features: HTC is a Taiwanese handset maker, who design and manufacture high-end Smartphones and tablets. HTC is the smart choice of people nowadays who needs an innovative design and look. Business people, professionals and youngsters are the most important consumers of HTC. HTC mobiles are available from an average price range to high budget ... Read More »

HTC Gets a Boost; Finally Some Samsung Competition

HTC Logo

HTC Overtakes Samsung becoming the 5th largest Smartphone Manufacturer in Japan: Finally some Samsung competition is growing in the Smartphone market. On Wednesday, the market research firm IDC Japan revealed that the HTC has become the fifth largest Smartphone manufacturer in Japan in the first quarter of this year. Previously in last quarter of 2012, the Korean company Samsung used ... Read More »

Galaxy S4 World’s Fastest Selling Smartphone; To Sell 10 Million by the End of May


  Galaxy S4; Worlds Fastest Selling Android Smartphone, to sell 10 Million by end of May; I’ve always wondered, what is the fastest selling smartphone, that question has now been answered. When we talk about Samsung, there’s absolutely no way you can deny that they’re one of the most popular smartphone manufactures right now, and when it comes to Android? Forget about it, ... Read More »

Sony Camera Technology included with New Smartphone Range; Sony Honami (Sony i3)


Sony Camera Technology has always been pretty decent, with them implementing Android on their new Galaxy Camera it seemed as though Sony was getting the mix right. If there’s a company that are trying to carve a path for themselves right now, it’s Sony. After the Xperia Z and ZL, it seems that Sony are looking to capitalize on their ... Read More »