Sunday , 9 February 2014
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Samsung Galaxy S4 Now Available from Verizon for Pre-Order


Today Verizon proved they could actually stick to their word and have now listed the Samsung Galaxy S4 from the very popular Galaxy line. Verizon have now put them up for pre-order on their own site, which is actually a little slower than some other distributors such as Best Buy, who beat them to the listings by only a few ... Read More »

HTC Decide to Switch Microphones after Nokia’s Injunction


Earlier this week we found out that HTC has a Nokia exclusive microphone in their HTC One. We also learned that it was the component supplier (STMicroelectronics) fault and not HTC’s. This week, HTC released a statement that offered reassurances that they would continue to have supplies for their flagship device, saying that they would continiue to use microphones it ... Read More »

LG Ships More Devices than Ever


Not so long ago tech giant Samsung began making profits in the range of Apple which is probably safe to say that most of that is going to be down to Samsung’s smartphone division and their very popular Galaxy and Note lines. To the surprise of some LG is now heading in that direction with huge sales increases in their now flourishing Smartphone ... Read More »

Is the Samsung Galaxy S4 “Un-Scratchable”


Some of you may already know that Samsung’s flagship Galaxy S4 is going to be the first of its Galaxy line to by Samsung to use Corning Gorilla Glass. According to Corning the Samsung Galaxy S4 will sport the strongest display on the market when it finally arrives. The Galaxy S4 will use a 5.0″(inch) Full HD AMOLED display. A ... Read More »

Galaxy Note III to have first plastic OLED display


Samsung has been considering introducing the first Plastic OLED display. The chosen device that will feature the first Plastic OLED display is the coveted Note III. SamMobile hinted a while ago on Twitter that the next generation display by Samsung would be the Plastic OLED display. The Note III will go on sale from Q4 2013. You also may notice that the Note III’s ... Read More »