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Water Resistant and Ruggedized Galaxy S4 Active Announced by Samsung

Water Resistant/Ruggedised S4

  Galaxy S4 Active, Water Resistant and Ruggedized; The rumored Galaxy S4 Active is finally being announced by Samsung today, and it’s pretty much what all rumors have said and shown so far. It’s the ruggedized, water resistant and dust proof version of the Galaxy S4 but doesn’t really explain the S4 Active part what makes “Active”. However unlike many other ... Read More »

S3 Data Spikes Caused by Stock Browser Bug!

Samsung Galaxy S3 1

Data Bug found in S3 Stock Browser; Data is always a big thing with cell phones nowadays, especially smartphones like the S3. According to a lot of people, the Galaxy S3 was really the phone that turned the tables for Samsung, and the Android platform too for that matter. The company was able to release the device across all major ... Read More »

FonePad by Asus to Rival Samsung Galaxy Note Lines

ASUS FonePad

Fonepad from ASUS: Well, we certainly know what ASUS has been focused on. Earlier this morning, ASUS unveiled quite a few devices in their upcoming lineup and they all seem to be of tablet origins. Of course, perhaps the most interesting is the ASUS FonePad Note, a 6” phablet (I really hate that word, but don’t we all). Read More »

Problems with Samsung’s Exynos Chip Line?

Samsung Exynos 5 Octa Chip

  Exynos Chip Problems; Samsung outsourcing? Ever since I’ve heard that even the new Galaxy S4 flagship for 2013 will continue to use Qualcomm’s chips in even more markets than last year, I’ve started suspecting that something must be wrong with Samsung’s chip business. Read More »

Intel CPU To Power the New Galaxy Tab 3 10.1?

Intel Inside Logo (HD)

Intel to power Samsung’s new Galaxy Tab 3 10.1? There’s absolutely no denying that Samsung are at the top of the Android pile right now, their smartphones have been selling ridiculously well the last two years and compared to everyone else, it looks like they’re the only one making money off of Android. One area that even Samsung isn’t doing ... Read More »

Smart App Challenge; Samsung Offering $800,000 in Prizes to Ten Winners


 Smart App Challenge by Samsung: Samsung is holding a contest for developers that will award 10 entrants a total of $800,000 in prize money along with some company specific benefits. The stipulation is that ‘Smart App Challenge 2013’ entrants must use the Samsung Chord SDK. The Chord SDK allows Samsung devices to connect wirelessly without any additional servers or networks. ... Read More »

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Specs; Leaked

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3: Recently, Samsung announced the Galaxy Tab 3, with specifications that make for a fairly mid-range device. Samsung also released the Galaxy Note 8.0 earlier in the year and we’ve been hearing word of them releasing a non-note version of that device for some time now. Read More »

Samsung Makes Up 95% of all Android Device Profits

Samsung Logo with Android Bot

Samsung Makes 95% of Android’s Overall Device Profit: When you say Android, most people think Samsung. This shouldn’t come as a surprise as Samsung is not only the biggest Android device manufacturer, but also the biggest smartphone manufacturer in the world with their successful Galaxy series, and the Galaxy S4 looks set to continue this trend with 10 million devices forecast to be ... Read More »

Galaxy S4 World’s Fastest Selling Smartphone; To Sell 10 Million by the End of May


  Galaxy S4; Worlds Fastest Selling Android Smartphone, to sell 10 Million by end of May; I’ve always wondered, what is the fastest selling smartphone, that question has now been answered. When we talk about Samsung, there’s absolutely no way you can deny that they’re one of the most popular smartphone manufactures right now, and when it comes to Android? Forget about it, ... Read More »

Samsung Working on a 6-inch Galaxy Note 3 without a Flexible Display?


Galaxy Note 3 (No Flexible Display?) Finally, we have some rumors that aren’t regarding Google I/O. This one is regarding Samsung and their Galaxy Note 3 that should be announced this fall. Samsung is expected to announce a 6-inch Galaxy Note 3 around IFA, which takes place Late August to Early September. And according to, Samsung is ready to ... Read More »