Thursday , 15 May 2014
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CheapCast Released; Find Your Download Here


  CheapCast Released to the World; Yesterday, we reported on an app being developed by Sebastian Mauer which is supposed to function as a potential replacement for the Google Chromecast. So why would people want an alternative to the relatively inexpensive Chromecast? Well, there could be a multitude of reasons. They may not want to spend $35 on a device that ... Read More »

The Sinji Pouch; Brilliant Little Concept

Sinji Pouch 1

  The Sinji Pouch; Simple yet very Effective: Stick-on pouch is a very simple concept; a small nylon pocket is attached to the side of your phone with the help of glue and designed to carry all your essential credit/ID cards. Unfortunately, this simple concept has yet to be perfected by the many number of manufacturers out there. A number ... Read More »

Portenzo BookCase for Nexus 7 Review

Portenzo BookCase For the Nexus 7

Portenzo BookCase for Nexus 7: The team at Portenzo have sent us a BookCase for the Nexus 7. I’m going to start by saying Portenzo is all round amazing, all of the staff are so friendly and helpful, and they add finishing touches to your order like I’ve never seen before. Request an image and Lea, the helpful customer service ... Read More »

OtterBox Defender iON Case for iPhone 4/4s – Review

OtterBox Defender with iON

  OtterBox Defender iON Case for iPhone 4/4s: OtterBox have provided us another case this time its the OtterBox Defender iON case for the iPhone 4 / 4s. OtterBox make some extremely rugged cases for your smartphones and tablet, but also have some cases for the less extreme situations. They have an array of colours and models for you to take ... Read More »

NOVA Launcher – Which Launcher is the best for you? – Android Launchers


As we said yesterday, it is necessary to choose the best Android launcher for your device, and too help you with that, we will be covering the most popular ones, daily. Today, we are covering one of the best, and most popular Android launchers out there, NOVA Launcher. NOTE, while we will be covering the free version, we will also ... Read More »