Sunday , 9 February 2014
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IntelliGrip NFC Car Mount Brings You An Automated Dash

nfc car mount

An NFC Car Mount NFC is a nifty little technology that has been slowly creeping into the mainstream over the last couple of years. You can use NFC tags or stickers to perform automated functions on your compatible devices and that means nearly all of the current lines of smartphones and tablets. Today we are going to be discussing an ... Read More »

Kickstarter Project for an NFC Ring collects eight times its original goal


  NFC Ring Dominates its Kickstarter Goal: NFC (Near Field Communication) technology has started to crop up in more and more smartphones nowadays but many still question the fact whether it can really become popular with the general public with PayPal going as far as to say that the technology will “fail to gain mass adoption”. Not exactly a vote ... Read More »