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Former HTC execs create Kazam mobile startup

Kazak; HTC Execs “Can’t Quit the Phone Game”: Two former HTC execs have partnered up to create a new company called Kazam. The mobile-related company will work towards creating phones in the European market. Michael Coombes, the former head of sales at HTC, and James Atkins, former UK marketing head, said on Monday that they are launching their own smartphone manufacturer. Read More »

HTC Gets a Boost; Finally Some Samsung Competition

HTC Logo

HTC Overtakes Samsung becoming the 5th largest Smartphone Manufacturer in Japan: Finally some Samsung competition is growing in the Smartphone market. On Wednesday, the market research firm IDC Japan revealed that the HTC has become the fifth largest Smartphone manufacturer in Japan in the first quarter of this year. Previously in last quarter of 2012, the Korean company Samsung used ... Read More »

HTC One Mini images leaked; shows 4.3-inch 720p display and 4 MP UltraPixel Camera

HTC One Mini (M4)

HTC One Mini device leaked; Specs and Images: We heard some rumors about the “Mini” version of HTC’s flagship device the “HTC One” earlier this month. And now we have some leaked images of the HTC One Mini which were published by Estonian website Forte. The pictures show a black HTC One mini (codenamed – M4) and have some of ... Read More »

Senseless ROM Finally Announced for Current HTC One users

HTC One Senseless

  Senseless HTC One Through all the rumors of the HTC One ‘Google Edition’ in the past couple of weeks, we’ve heard from our readers that HTC should release a Vanilla Android (Senseless ROM) for those that already have the HTC One. Well that might just become a reality. Read More »

Android Market Share (More) In-Depth; Samsung Dominating

Android Market Share Pie Chart 1

  Android Market Share (In-Depth): Tapjoy, the mobile ad network recently began allowing their advertisers to target specific Android devices. Besides this being a pretty cool tool for marketing managers around the world, this new capability also allowed Tapjoy to gather some very interesting data that gives us a big-picture view of the Android ecosystem and namely how the Android ... Read More »

Facebook Home Support Expanded: HTC One, Samsung Galaxy S4 and More


Facebook Home Support Expansion: Many called Facebook a dying fad when the site went public and didn’t turn out to be the big moneymaking product everyone expected it to be. As one of the big pioneers in social media, the company turned to the drawing board only to come back with it’s newest free app, Facebook Home. Facebook Home has ... Read More »

HTC One Stealth Black now Available on AT&T

HTC One Stealth Black

HTC One Stealth Black: As we barrel towards the midway point of 2013, it’s clear that the HTC One is most certainly in the running as one of the top smartphones of the year. This all aluminum beast of a device has silenced a lot of the critics that were circling the carcass of the Taiwanese manufacturer like vultures as ... Read More »

Red HTC One Hits the Internet; Not for the First Time.


The Red HTC One has once again shown its face. When the HTC One first launched, a red variant of the phone cropped up on the official website. It led many of us (including me) to believe that a Red version of the HTC One would soon hit store shelves. Not long after we reported on the finding, HTC released a statement that no ... Read More »

AT&T Galaxy S4 Bootloader Unlocked; Developer not Sharing until Later this Month


A lot of companies seem to think that people wishing to unlock their phone’s bootloaders have some ulterior motive for doing so, but more often than not this is untrue. Usually, they are just people looking to explore the true capabilities of their devices and to see what sort of software (ROM’s/Kernels) the developing community has produced. HTC has been ... Read More »

HTC’s Profits for Q1 Fall 98%; Making Just $2.85 Million Despite Launch of the One


It looks lie HTC is still struggling after reading the company posting their Q1 Results they arent looking great. Year-on-year the company’s profits have fallen 98%. Net profit has fallen to just NT$85 Million ($2.85 Million) from last year’s NT$4.5 Billion ($152 Million). That’s a sharp decrease and one that HTC might not be able to live through for another ... Read More »