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HTC One Max to Have Fingerprint Reader – Leaked Pictures Reveal

htc one max

HTC One Max with finger print reader? The HTC One is a great smartphone, some would even say the smartphone of the year that has brought a lot of much needed vitality back into the HTC brand which has been struggling for the past few year due the onslaught and dominance of Apple and Samsung’s line of smartphone. And now ... Read More »

HTC Zara Leaked Picture; With an Added Twist!


  HTC Zara Leaks Out; evLeaks does it again: Ever since the first report in late July by China Times that HTC is planning to unveil a new mid-range phone called “Zara” along with the previously rumored HTC One Max, more and more damning evidence has been cropping up to support the fact that this is indeed the case. We ... Read More »

Motorola CEO Praises Moto X Whilst Slamming Samsung and HTC


Motorola CEO Slams Samsung and HTC: Moto X was the phone that was going to redefine Motorola and usher it into a new age of innovation under the stewardship of Google. So, the device had a lot of expectations attached to it this drove many people to the conclusion that this will be the phone that will outstrip all its ... Read More »

HTC Fetch; Never Lose Your Keys again !


HTC Fetch Will Keep an Eye on your Valuables! Back in June, it was reported by the trademark hounds that HTC has applied to trademark ‘Fetch’. A name that reminds you of playing with your dog. The subsequently released trademark application shed a bit more light on this curious name and why it makes perfect sense; it was stated to ... Read More »

HTC One MAX Leaked Pictures


  HTC One MAX Images Leaked: HTC One MAX has had some images leaked by “ePrice” just ahead of the IFA in Berlin. HTC did fairly well with their HTC One, creating a very high quality well built device that was said to be the “Perfect Size”. However, as with anything the saying goes “theres always one”, that has to ... Read More »

HTC One Being Updated to Android 4.2.2 In The UK


HTC One UK Update: For over a week, the Android 4.2.2 Update for the HTC One has been in rolling out to users in various parts of Europe, but today, HTC UK officially announced on its Twitter, that it is the Official UK Launch Day, and you should be able to download and install the update on your phone. Read More »

First Look at The Verizon HTC One


  Verizon HTC One pictured for the First Time: Back in June, Verizon announced that they would be carrying the HTC One. Well, it looks like they kept their word, since popular Twitter leaver, @evleaks, has just revealed a picture of the Verizon HTC One. Contrary to their usual, the Verizon HTC One actually looks like the factory unlocked HTC One. If ... Read More »

Get your HTC One Senseless With only a Few Steps (Google Play Edition)

HTC One Senseless (Google Play Edition)

Senseless ROM for the HTC One; Instructions: What you see in the picture above is Google’s Sundar Pichai holding an HTC One Google Play Edition (Senseless ROM) and now that it’s out, some of you might be wanting to get a taste of the famous “stock Android experience” but don’t want to have to buy a new phone, specially if you just acquired ... Read More »

Best Features of HTC Smartphones

HTC Smartphone

  HTC Smartphones and their “Best” Features: HTC is a Taiwanese handset maker, who design and manufacture high-end Smartphones and tablets. HTC is the smart choice of people nowadays who needs an innovative design and look. Business people, professionals and youngsters are the most important consumers of HTC. HTC mobiles are available from an average price range to high budget ... Read More »

Barely There Case for HTC One X; Product Review

HTC One X Barely There Case from Case-Mate

  Barely There Case for HTC One X by Case-Mate; We have been given a Barely There Case from Case-Mate by the team at MobileFun. Mobile fun are probably one of the biggest, if not the biggest provider of mobile accessories. If like me, you go out and get yourself a brand spanking new device such as the HTC One ... Read More »