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New Nexus 7 to Be Powered by Snapdragon 800 CPU; With a 1080p Display

Nexus Logo

  New Nexus 7 (Rumored): Google I/O is just days away. So that means we’re going to be seeing a ton of rumors, leaks and reports all weekend and into next week regarding Google I/O. This latest report is coming from VR-Zone where they are reporting on a few specs of the next-generation Nexus 7. This comes just days after ... Read More »

Chrome Swag for Google I/O Has Just Arrived – Who’s Jealous?

Google I/O Logo 2013

The Google Chrome Developers page on Google+ just posted a picture about an hour ago of a pallet full of boxes with the caption “Boom. Chrome Swag has arrived. #io13″ So those of you heading to Google I/O next week, looks like the Chrome team has plenty of Goodies for you.  Some users think they are T-shirts, which they very ... Read More »

Google Abandons Google Wallet Physical Card; No need for a Physical Card

Google Wallet Logo

  Google Wallet Card Abandoned: We all know about Google Wallet right? That’s Google’s mobile payment service. Now there are two parts to it. There’s the Google Wallet NFC function where you can use your phone to pay for things at McDonalds, Meijer, etc., then there’s the on-the-web function. Basically when you purchase a Nexus device from the Play Store, ... Read More »

Android App Marketing; Get your App Seen!

Google Play Logo

Android App Marketing: App Marketing is extremely important to develops and app marketing can be the make or break for a developer/app. Google is one of the most popular names in technology and the Google Play store is a further expansion of their brand not only competing with Apples App Store, but offering a whole world of app developers a place to ... Read More »

New Nexus 7 to Have Android 4.3, WUXGA Display and Snapdragon S4 Pro for $199

New Nexus 7

  New Nexus 7 This evening, an analyst is saying that Google will unveil a new Nexus 7 (second generation) at Google I/O next week. Well we kinda figured that. But this analyst seems to know what specs we’ll be seeing in this new Nexus 7. Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo from KGI Securities sent out a research note revealing potential specs ... Read More »

Google Maps Update; Receiving a Complete Face Lift

Google Maps Update Logo

Google Maps Update: Google hands down provides some of the most invaluable tools and services available online. Maps is no exception, Google maps has slowly gotten more and more powerful over the years and the website feels more like a Desktop app that it does just another website. That gives Google immense flexibility when it comes to updating the UI and ... Read More »

Google Glass Update; Glass Getting Sociable


Google Glass Update: I’ve been wondering for a while when Google may do a little more with their Glass than just taking photos and sharing them. Well the Google Glass update that has just been pushed does just that. The Google Plus app for Glass has just received a major overhaul. In this most recent Google Glass update,  Push notifications are now ... Read More »

Google Glass Etiquette Guide; WSJ Claims One Needs to be Made by Google


Google Glass Etiquette Guide, Should there be one and why do we need it? Google Glass has been receiving a ldot of press lately, some good and some bad. Yesterday, the company published a guide as to who should  wear Glass and who shouldn’t due to the health risks associated with it. For example, Google says people under 13 or ... Read More »

Are Google’s Social Services (Google+ etc) More Likely to Fail?


Google is one of the most successful companies in the world. Last year alone they pulled in $50 billion in revenue and their stock is continually setting new all time high records. Despite their fantastic successes, Google, like any other company, has produced its fair share of failures. Read More »

Highest Ever Google Stock Price; Closes at a Staggering $861.55


Google Stock Prices are always fluctuating but yesterday we saw the highest ever Google stock price which is unbelievable and over the last few months, something interesting has been happening in the stock market altogether. Apple, who once had a stock price of over $700, has seen its stock price plummet to as low as the high 300s. Read More »