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White Nexus 4 Now Available; From Google & T-Mobile In US

White Nexus 4

 White Nexus 4 Now Available: The White Nexus 4 had been leaked and rumored for what feels like forever, but earlier this week, Google and LG finally confirmed the existence of the device. At the time, the company claimed that the device would roll out globally over the coming weeks, but for people in the United States, the coming weeks ... Read More »

Samsung Makes Up 95% of all Android Device Profits

Samsung Logo with Android Bot

Samsung Makes 95% of Android’s Overall Device Profit: When you say Android, most people think Samsung. This shouldn’t come as a surprise as Samsung is not only the biggest Android device manufacturer, but also the biggest smartphone manufacturer in the world with their successful Galaxy series, and the Galaxy S4 looks set to continue this trend with 10 million devices forecast to be ... Read More »

Windows YouTube App Slammed; Google Demands it’s Removal

YouTube Logo (Paid Subscription)

Windows YouTube App: Amidst all the news coming out of Google I/O there was another exchange between Google and Microsoft, this time centered around YouTube, the money-making content hub that Google have owned for years now. Microsoft updated their YouTube app for Windows Phone 8 devices last week, and Google are not pleased with it. Not one bit. In fact, ... Read More »

Google+ Receives Game Changing Update; 41 New Features


  Google+ Receives a Huge Update; 41 New Features We here at Android Headlines love Google Plus. So when we get news of a huge update we are understandably excited. The update announced by Google today definitely qualifies for a few claps of appreciation. Read More »

Google to Finally Sync App Data Across Devices; No More Backups?

Sync Logo

App Data Sync to become available? For years Android users from across the world have asked Google to provide a service similar to iCloud backup. Sadly all we have is a service that will re install all the apps you had on a previous phone or tablet etc. While this is certainly useful, it is always a huge pain to ... Read More »

Watch Google I/O Live Here

Google I/O Logo 2013

It’s just about that time, less than 24 hours before Google I/O kicksoff. What are we expecting to see this year? Well check out Tom’s Google I/O preview and come on back. The keynote starts at 9am PDT on Wednesday, May 15th and we will have full live coverage and news of all the excitement of the event with our ... Read More »

Google+ A Ghost Town; Loosing out to Twitter and Facebook


Google gloated last fall that their social networking site Google+ had reached 400 million members,  however of this 400 million users, Google went on to say that around a quarter (100 million) were active users of the service. With this said however, its well known that Brands, Businesses and Enterprises are still choosing to ignore Google+ for whatever reason. The ... Read More »

Gmail, Drive and Google+ Photos Storage Combine – 15GB Free By Default

Google I/O Logo 2013

  Google Combining Storage Today, Google announced that they are combining your storage for Google Drive, Google+ Photos and Gmail. So instead of 5GB each, you’re starting out with 15GB of space for free. Not bad right? It also appears that they are doing away with the $2.50 plan that gives you 25GB of space. Instead, the lowest paid plan ... Read More »

Google To Unveil Smartwatch, Along With Changes to GMail and Maps

Google I/O Logo 2013

  Google to release lots of Goodies at this years I/O With only a few days to go before Google I/O finally kicks off, you’d think that the leaked info and the rumors would sort of die down, and everyone would sit tight to see what’s going to happen next, right? Well, this is Internet so, the chances of that ... Read More »

Smartwatch; Whats with All the Hype?


Smartwatch “The Boom” You’ve all seen the stories. Google is working on a smartwatch, Apple is working on a smartwatch, Samsung, Microsoft and many others are working on smartwatches too. What is it about watches that has convinced companies they are so worthy of all these R & D dollars. Several companies, including tech industry magnate Sony, have even already ... Read More »