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YouTube Live Streaming Issues with Google Chromecast

Youtube Live Stream

YouTube Live Streaming Issues: What happens when the most popular video website in the world doesn’t allow the use of one of the most fast growing video apps in the world of the smartphones? Well, then you have what happens with the YouTube live stream service, as you will see next. We’re not lying, that actually happened, as demonstrated in ... Read More »

Next Gen Nexus 10 To Be Manufactured By Samsung


Nexus 10 2nd Gen on the way? According to Wall Street Journal reporter, Amir Efrati, the Head of Google Chrome/Android, Sundar Pichai, has leaked information pertaining to a next generation Nexus 10, manufactured by Samsung. If, however, Sundar provided Efrati with more details, he prefers being lax about it. Read More »

More Moto X Information Leaks; Magic Glass, xWatch, and Dual-LTE Antennas


  More Moto X Leaks including Features: These Moto X rumors don’t stop coming. Former Android and Me owner, Taylor Wimberly, who has given us a good amount of information pertaining to the device, is at it again. Read More »

Android 4.3 Camera App Leaks with Photosphere; Download it Here


  Photosphere Leaks for all Devices; Available for download: When Photosphere was released it caused quite a stir within the Android community, some we’re disappointing that photosphere wasn’t available for their devices, others we’re just not sure on how to use the new functions. As many of you may know, the HTC One and the Samsung Galaxy S4 both have ... Read More »

How to Get Google Offline Maps after Update

Google Maps Banner

  Google Maps Offline Maps; How-To Re-enable: Google’s Offline Maps are one of the best free maps you can get, but with the latest update to Google Maps is finally rolling out to Android devices and it bringing some welcome UI changes and a bit of a speed boost, Offline Maps has definitely taken a back-seat. Offline Maps was a coveted ... Read More »

Hangout Phone Calls on the Way

Hangout Calls

  Hangouts to Offer Phone Calls; Google Voice on the Rise? Back at Google I/O in May, Google announced Hangouts. Their new “all-in-one” messaging service. If you had upgraded from Google Talk to Hangouts, you probably noticed that the ability to make phone calls through your computer disappeared. Thanks to an announcement on the Official Gmail Blog, the ability to make ... Read More »

Google Reader is No More

Google Reader is No More

   Google Reader will be pulled from Google’s services: As you may know, last year, Google cancelled its iGoogle and Google Mini services, as part of their ‘Spring Cleaning’ initiative, to focus on their active products, and work to make them better for the consumers. This year, as Google announced before, Google planned on killing its Google Reader service as ... Read More »

Google Play Live Chat; Available for Pre-Purchase Help

Google Play Live Chat

Google Play Live Chat Available: After last November’s whole Nexus 4/Nexus 10 launch, we knew one thing about Google Play. Well actually two things. Which was their support sucks and their infrastructure was even worse. Google Play Support has gotten much better over the past 6-7 months. But now they added a new feature to their Support site. You can ... Read More »

Get your HTC One Senseless With only a Few Steps (Google Play Edition)

HTC One Senseless (Google Play Edition)

Senseless ROM for the HTC One; Instructions: What you see in the picture above is Google’s Sundar Pichai holding an HTC One Google Play Edition (Senseless ROM) and now that it’s out, some of you might be wanting to get a taste of the famous “stock Android experience” but don’t want to have to buy a new phone, specially if you just acquired ... Read More »

Chrome Tips and Tricks; 12 Tips you really NEED to know

Google Chrome Tips and Tricks - Autofill

Chrome Tips and Tricks; 12 Tips you really NEED to know We’ll be cover 12 Chrome Tips and Tricks that everybody should know, these range from how to quickly access certain functions, making your browsing experience faster and smoother and how to keep you safe online. These are all chrome tips and tricks picked by hand, ensuring only the best ... Read More »