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How To Transfer YouTube Subscriptions Between Accounts


I have an old YouTube account which happens to have all of my channel subscriptions on it – unfortunately I don’t use this login for anything but YouTube and would rather my subscriptions be in my main gmail account. So I search online to see if you can import or export YouTube subscriptions – you can’t. I did however manage ... Read More »

iWatch From Apple might be released in 2014


The Apple iWatch for 2014? Reports have emerged claiming that the Apple iWatch may be coming our way in 2014. According to ZD Net, two Taiwanese firms that usually build devices for Apple have been given the go ahead to build the iWatch as well.  “Apple is likely to introduce ‘iWatch’ in 2014. From our channel checks, Inventec is the ... Read More »

How to Enable Chrome For Android’s latest Tab UI

chrome for android

Chrome for Android Beta has New Tab UI Beta’s are a great way to introduce a product to the customers so that they may test it and provide you with feedback that you can use to further hone your product. But, it comes with a warning on the customer’s side, as the betas are not fully finished products and may ... Read More »

Google Nexus 4 Gets An Astounding Price Cut

Nexus 4

  Massive Price Cut comes to the Nexus 4 The Google Nexus 4 smartphone manufactured by LG that was released last October is a beauty of a phone, not just on the outside but on the inside as well. The way Google and LG have been able to bring about a marriage between top of the line hardware and a ... Read More »

Google Responds To Accusations That AllCast For ChromeCast Was Intentionally Blocked


AllCast Blocked From Chromecast Chromecast has been in the news ever since its launch for a lot of reasons but the most exciting one was the potential of this tiny device and how it can be used to not just stream content from services like Google Play and Netflix but also from local sources like Dropbox and Gallery. Several developers ... Read More »

Google Announces Helpouts; Receive Support from Experts


  Google Helpouts; Many of us have often came across a problem that has stumped our work thus making us wish that we had an expert at hand who can help us out in this situation.  If you are one of these people then you would be happy to know that Google is working on a service which will let ... Read More »

Google Incorporates Waze into Google Maps


Waze’s Features Finally Surface on Google Maps: Waze is one of the most useful apps available in the Android and iOS marketplace. Basically it is a community based navigation app that utilizes the data submitted by millions of users to create live maps that are constantly updated to show the most up to speed traffic and roads information including accidents, ... Read More »

Google fixes the annoying “Package file is invalid” bug in Google Play


Google Finally Fix “Package File is Invalid”; For more than a week now, the Google Play store has been the victim of an annoying bug that seems to affect users and apps at random, it began to appear after Google rolled out the newest version of its Google Play app. It strikes when somebody downloads an app or tries to ... Read More »

How to Setup and Use Google Now


  Google Now Introduction: Many people incorrectly think of Google Now as a clone of Apple’s Siri when in fact it is so much more than that. Google Now is not just a simple app that listens to your queries and then answers accordingly, it is more of like a personal assistant whose main purpose is to automate your life ... Read More »

Google Glass Price Tag Rumors Emerging


Hints of a Google Glass Price Tag Emerge; We have been waiting on the Google Glass for a long time. The product, ever since its announcement, has courted intense public interest due to the nature of its architecture and its promise of revolutionizing wearable computing and making it hip. Google began shipping out these wearable curiosities this April to developers ... Read More »