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How SMTP Makes Emailing Easier and Flawless

SMTP Advantages

  SMTP Advantages and Ways to Use it: With the advent of technology, business and marketing world has come of age. Gone are the days of postcard mails and mouth-to-mouth publicity stunts, it’s the age of web marketing. Yes, online marketing has leapfrogged its rivals in the business world by a mile and thriving big. With a lot to give ... Read More »

Cloud Computing: Data Privacy in the Cloud

  Cloud Computing; How Safe is your Data in the Cloud? With the recent leaks of the NSA PRISM program, privacy is of ever-increasing concern to people of the United States and the world. At the same time, there is an increasing trend towards Data and software cloud services. When businesses are storing their information on the amorphous Internet cloud, ... Read More »

Cloud Computing with Android Devices (An Overview)

Cloud Computing (Android)

Cloud Computing with Android Devices; Cloud computing has successfully set up its realm in the arena of technology. Sharing information and data is no more a trouble even if you do not have a PC, a Smartphone is all you need and no matter wherever you are, you stay updated and connected with all your important business. When cloud computing ... Read More »

Google Cloud Print Released on Google Play Store

Google Cloud Print Android devcie

Google Cloud Print Hits the Play Store: Cloud computing is becoming the next big thing, considering most technology nowadays completely relies on some sort of internet connection, whether it be WiFi or data most functions require a connection. Cloud printing has also been a big part of cloud computing, along with Cloud Storage. Google has now joined the party with ... Read More »

Flickr Making a Come Back; 1TB of FREE Cloud Picture Storage

Flickr Cloud Storage

  Flickr Cloud Picture Storage (1TB!); Yahoo just had their Flickr press conference where they unveiled some new features for Flickr, their photo sharing site. With the hopes of making Flickr “Awesome again”. Well they may have just done just that. Read More »