Sunday , 9 February 2014
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Give your Smartphone the Mahogany Look


Anyone a Fan of Mahogany Smartphones? Mahogany wood has become a symbol of wealth among many people as the furniture crafted from it is quite expensive and amazingly beautiful. It derives its beauty from the beautiful grain and the deep reddish brown color which gives the furniture made from it the quality of looking timeless and classy. Also, they smell ... Read More »

ASUS Releases Premium Covers for the New Nexus 7


 Asus Premium Covers; New Nexus 7: In the modern era, smartphones and tablets have become enormously popular, not just as electronic gadgets but also as a mean by which you can make a fashion statement. One of the main aspect of any smartphone or tablet is its design, which is scrutinized from every angle and so to make it more ... Read More »

OtterBox Pursuit Waterproof Case; Otterbox Review

OtterBox Pursuit Waterproof Case

  OtterBox Pursuit Waterproof Case: Thanks to the team at OtterBox we’ve got our hands on the OtterBox Pursuit waterproof case.  OtterBox are probably one of the most well known rugged case provider on the market. With their elegant yet extremely protecting cases they’ve become almost the company whom sets the standard on device protection. Their shipping is extremely quick and products ... Read More »

Barely There Case for HTC One X; Product Review

HTC One X Barely There Case from Case-Mate

  Barely There Case for HTC One X by Case-Mate; We have been given a Barely There Case from Case-Mate by the team at MobileFun. Mobile fun are probably one of the biggest, if not the biggest provider of mobile accessories. If like me, you go out and get yourself a brand spanking new device such as the HTC One ... Read More »

Product Review; Carbon Fibre Flip Case (Galaxy S3)


  Carbon Fibre Flip Case for Samsung Galaxy S3; Thanks to MobileFun we’ve got a Carbon Fibre Flip Case up for review. We will be discussing this Carbon Fibre Flip Case in great detail and look at the various areas you look for in a case. Including the look, feel and strength of the case. We will also be rating ... Read More »