Saturday , 8 February 2014
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Highest Ever Google Stock Price; Closes at a Staggering $861.55


Google Stock Prices are always fluctuating but yesterday we saw the highest ever Google stock price which is unbelievable and over the last few months, something interesting has been happening in the stock market altogether. Apple, who once had a stock price of over $700, has seen its stock price plummet to as low as the high 300s. Read More »

AT&T Galaxy S4 Bootloader Unlocked; Developer not Sharing until Later this Month


A lot of companies seem to think that people wishing to unlock their phone’s bootloaders have some ulterior motive for doing so, but more often than not this is untrue. Usually, they are just people looking to explore the true capabilities of their devices and to see what sort of software (ROM’s/Kernels) the developing community has produced. HTC has been ... Read More »

Google Swiftly Moving on From Google Glass; Filing Smartwatch Patent


If there’s one thing that Google really impress me with is the fact that they’re never happy, they’re always thinking about what to do next, and that something just might end up being a Google smartwatch. Thanks to the USPTO, we can see that Google has a fairly defined vision on what their smartwatch might look like, and how us ... Read More »

HTC’s Profits for Q1 Fall 98%; Making Just $2.85 Million Despite Launch of the One


It looks lie HTC is still struggling after reading the company posting their Q1 Results they arent looking great. Year-on-year the company’s profits have fallen 98%. Net profit has fallen to just NT$85 Million ($2.85 Million) from last year’s NT$4.5 Billion ($152 Million). That’s a sharp decrease and one that HTC might not be able to live through for another ... Read More »

66 Amazing Commands to Use with Google Now


; Google Now Commands; 66 Google Now Commands you may not have known: Google Now has been around for quite some time now, but its been brought to Google’s attention that hardly any of the features are used. The main feature that is being report as not being used is the commands you can actually use through Google Now. Read More »

iPhone Hack-King “Comex” To Intern at Google


It was hardly surprising when the news broke of the extraordinarily talented hacker known as Comex was turned away from Apple because he wasn’t quick enough replying to their e-mails but, what is a little surprising is that he’s heading to Google for an internship. If you’re unfamiliar with Comex, he’s the teenage hacker that managed to crack open the iPhone like ... Read More »

Foxconn to pickup $1billion iPhone Bill


Whilst apple launched its fifth of the iPhone line last September, it didn’t take long before cracks started to appear. There where immediate complaints from all corners, Apple weren’t happy, the manufacturers weren’t happy and their customers certainly weren’t. It was quickly apparent that the issue was its Aluminium case as it wasn’t just arriving cracked and scratch they were ... Read More »

LG Ships More Devices than Ever


Not so long ago tech giant Samsung began making profits in the range of Apple which is probably safe to say that most of that is going to be down to Samsung’s smartphone division and their very popular Galaxy and Note lines. To the surprise of some LG is now heading in that direction with huge sales increases in their now flourishing Smartphone ... Read More »