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iWatch From Apple might be released in 2014


The Apple iWatch for 2014? Reports have emerged claiming that the Apple iWatch may be coming our way in 2014. According to ZD Net, two Taiwanese firms that usually build devices for Apple have been given the go ahead to build the iWatch as well.  “Apple is likely to introduce ‘iWatch’ in 2014. From our channel checks, Inventec is the ... Read More »

Google Nexus 4 Gets An Astounding Price Cut

Nexus 4

  Massive Price Cut comes to the Nexus 4 The Google Nexus 4 smartphone manufactured by LG that was released last October is a beauty of a phone, not just on the outside but on the inside as well. The way Google and LG have been able to bring about a marriage between top of the line hardware and a ... Read More »

Apple’s Third Beta iOS 7 Big News Release

iOS 7 vs iOS6

iOS7 System News: With critics labeling iOS 7 as the most advanced mobile operating system, the release of the third beta version ofiOS7 is eagerly awaited by Apple fanatics and developers in general. In previous versions of iOS 7, specifically iOS 7 beta two, Apple started support for the iPad, thus it is expected that this new version will open ... Read More »

How To: Transfer Music from iTunes to Android

Screen Shot 2013-06-19 at AM 10.14.59

Transfer Music from iTunes to Android; In this guide, I’m going to be showing you how to Transfer Music from iTunes to Android. With the advent of modern technology, access to music has become quicker, easier, and nearly instantaneous with portable devices that allow people to carry around their entire music collection around with them. To Transfer Music from iTunes ... Read More »

Apple Privacy Statement Release; Customer Privacy

Apple Privacy; Important for Customers and Apple? On the heels of Microsoft and Facebook, Apple has put out a public statement concerning  apple privacy, namely for its consumers. This follows the public outburst over the NSA’s PRISM program that has allegedly been spying on the general public. Apple has been authorized to reveal some of the data that its shared ... Read More »

iOS 7 Copying Android; Familiar Look


iOS 7: Not Copying, Borrowing Unless you hadn’t been online for the past few days, you’ve probably heard of Apple’s newest iteration of iOS. Apple completely redesigned and transformed their platform into something fresher. It has been noted, though, that the mobile OS seems to look similar to some of its competitors. iOS 7 shows the biggest change to the ... Read More »

Google to buy Waze for $1.3 Billion

Waze GPS App

Waze in the spotlight; Bids from Google and Apple: The “Waze Social GPS Maps & Traffic” is a well known application which is available for both iOS and Android users (with almost 50 million users around the world) for free. Before I start the news, let me explain what makes the Waze so great. Waze is a community based traffic ... Read More »

12.2 Inch Tablets on the Way; Samsung Determined to beat Apple

Samsung Conference

 Samsung and Apple race to 12.2 Inch Tablets; Smaller 7-inch devices appear to be ruling the tablet space with the highly successful Nexus 7 and Kindle Fire leading other companies, including Apple, to adopt the smaller more portable form factor over the larger 10.1-inch form factor. Despite the market for smaller, cheaper tablets, recently a rumor has emerged that Apple ... Read More »

Samsung Outselling Apple Now; First Time since iPhone 5 Release

Manufacturer Stats

  Samsung finally outselling Apple since the release of iPhone 5 (sigh of relief); Samsung and Apple have always been very close in terms of device sales, but over the last few months Apple has trudged ahead thanks to the hype surrounding its iPhone 5 flagship. Prior to that, Samsung was comfortably outselling the iPhone with its Galaxy Note lineup ... Read More »

Android Apps Downloaded 500 Million More Times A Month Than iOS

Android App Playstore

  Android Apps Downloads Dominating iOS? Apps are very important to a mobile OS as without quality Apps, a device and mobile operating system just wouldn’t function as it should. The idea of an App is to allow the OS users to create their own functions to use with their OS. The amount of quality apps in the Google Play ... Read More »