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Android Apps Downloaded 500 Million More Times A Month Than iOS

Android App Playstore

  Android Apps Downloads Dominating iOS? Apps are very important to a mobile OS as without quality Apps, a device and mobile operating system just wouldn’t function as it should. The idea of an App is to allow the OS users to create their own functions to use with their OS. The amount of quality apps in the Google Play ... Read More »

Smart App Challenge; Samsung Offering $800,000 in Prizes to Ten Winners


 Smart App Challenge by Samsung: Samsung is holding a contest for developers that will award 10 entrants a total of $800,000 in prize money along with some company specific benefits. The stipulation is that ‘Smart App Challenge 2013’ entrants must use the Samsung Chord SDK. The Chord SDK allows Samsung devices to connect wirelessly without any additional servers or networks. ... Read More »

Windows YouTube App Slammed; Google Demands it’s Removal

YouTube Logo (Paid Subscription)

Windows YouTube App: Amidst all the news coming out of Google I/O there was another exchange between Google and Microsoft, this time centered around YouTube, the money-making content hub that Google have owned for years now. Microsoft updated their YouTube app for Windows Phone 8 devices last week, and Google are not pleased with it. Not one bit. In fact, ... Read More »

Google to Finally Sync App Data Across Devices; No More Backups?

Sync Logo

App Data Sync to become available? For years Android users from across the world have asked Google to provide a service similar to iCloud backup. Sadly all we have is a service that will re install all the apps you had on a previous phone or tablet etc. While this is certainly useful, it is always a huge pain to ... Read More »

HP TouchPad to Regain Some Life; Android App Compatibility(Kickstarter)

HP Logo (Glass)

HP TouchPad to be Provided Android App Support: I’m sure you all remember the Web OS powered HP TouchPad. The tablet was never really given a chance to succeed for some reason and seemed to be discontinued and removed from store shelves almost as fast as it hit them. The result of that decision was the fire sale of all ... Read More »

Android App Marketing; Get your App Seen!

Google Play Logo

Android App Marketing: App Marketing is extremely important to develops and app marketing can be the make or break for a developer/app. Google is one of the most popular names in technology and the Google Play store is a further expansion of their brand not only competing with Apples App Store, but offering a whole world of app developers a place to ... Read More »

Amazon To Make Room For A 10.1 Inch Kindle Fire On It’s Virtual Shelves

KIndle Fire Logo

Rumor has it that when Amazon refreshes their Kindle Fire line of tablets later on in the year there will be an addition to the family. It seems as though Richard Shim, who happens to be an analyst for NPD DisplaySearch, gave the the heads up to CNET that Amazon is planning on coming out with a 10.1 inch tablet ... Read More »

Helium Backup Replaces Carbon; Trademark Issues

Helium App Logo (Previously Carbon)

  Helium Backup; Formerly Carbon Backup: Carbon Backup (Helium Backup) is hands down a brilliant app. Koush the developer behind it isn’t a one trick pony either, some of you may know Koush from Apps such as ClockWorkMod and ROM Manager, I’ve personally used all three. His newest inspiration is to provide a simple and efficient way for users to ... Read More »