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Stock Keyboard from Google Available as a Download! Find it here

Stock Google Keyboard

  Stock Keyboard from Google available as a download: You know that stock keyboard that comes on your Nexus device with Android 4.2? Yeah the one with gesture typing and everything. It’s now available in the Play Store as a stand alone app. Which means anyone can download and use this keyboard, as if it were SwiftKey, Swype, Fleksy or any ... Read More »

S3 Data Spikes Caused by Stock Browser Bug!

Samsung Galaxy S3 1

Data Bug found in S3 Stock Browser; Data is always a big thing with cell phones nowadays, especially smartphones like the S3. According to a lot of people, the Galaxy S3 was really the phone that turned the tables for Samsung, and the Android platform too for that matter. The company was able to release the device across all major ... Read More »

Vine for Android Released; Not in Sync with iOS

Vine for Android

Vine for Android released by Twitter: Twitter announced on Monday that Vine for Android is finally available. The app, which has lived exclusively on iOS for five months now, is available on the Google Play Store. Read More »

Android Apps Downloaded 500 Million More Times A Month Than iOS

Android App Playstore

  Android Apps Downloads Dominating iOS? Apps are very important to a mobile OS as without quality Apps, a device and mobile operating system just wouldn’t function as it should. The idea of an App is to allow the OS users to create their own functions to use with their OS. The amount of quality apps in the Google Play ... Read More »

Acer’s new $400 ‘PC’ Runs Android and Powered by Intel’s Haswell Chip

Acer all in One

  Acer all in one PC: Acer hasn’t seen to much success with Windows 8, and they’ve been moving further toward Chrome OS and Android for their devices. They are going to announce their AiO (All in One) next week which is said to pack a Intel 3GHz core i5 4430 “Haswell” processor and it’ll run Android. Read More »

Senseless ROM Finally Announced for Current HTC One users

HTC One Senseless

  Senseless HTC One Through all the rumors of the HTC One ‘Google Edition’ in the past couple of weeks, we’ve heard from our readers that HTC should release a Vanilla Android (Senseless ROM) for those that already have the HTC One. Well that might just become a reality. Read More »

Rumor: Android 4.3 and White Nexus 4 Coming June 10th?

White Nexus 4

  Android 4.3, White Nexus 4: Seems like we’re getting more Android 4.3 rumors after Google I/O than we did before the keynote. We’ve been hearing some pretty persuasive reports that Android 4.3 is coming in a couple of months or less. Especially since API 18 is coming out in about two months, which always means a new version of Android is coming as ... Read More »

Samsung Makes Up 95% of all Android Device Profits

Samsung Logo with Android Bot

Samsung Makes 95% of Android’s Overall Device Profit: When you say Android, most people think Samsung. This shouldn’t come as a surprise as Samsung is not only the biggest Android device manufacturer, but also the biggest smartphone manufacturer in the world with their successful Galaxy series, and the Galaxy S4 looks set to continue this trend with 10 million devices forecast to be ... Read More »

Google to Finally Sync App Data Across Devices; No More Backups?

Sync Logo

App Data Sync to become available? For years Android users from across the world have asked Google to provide a service similar to iCloud backup. Sadly all we have is a service that will re install all the apps you had on a previous phone or tablet etc. While this is certainly useful, it is always a huge pain to ... Read More »

Galaxy S4 World’s Fastest Selling Smartphone; To Sell 10 Million by the End of May


  Galaxy S4; Worlds Fastest Selling Android Smartphone, to sell 10 Million by end of May; I’ve always wondered, what is the fastest selling smartphone, that question has now been answered. When we talk about Samsung, there’s absolutely no way you can deny that they’re one of the most popular smartphone manufactures right now, and when it comes to Android? Forget about it, ... Read More »