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Android Web Hosting Apps

Android Web Hosting

  Android Web Hosting Apps; Tools for your Site! There is nothing as stressful as knowing that your site is not functional for the reasons that you can do absolutely nothing about. Fortunately, nowadays you can avoid such a scenario by selecting a perfect android app that you can install on your android smartphone to help resolve your web hosting ... Read More »

ADW Launcher – Android Launchers Series


ADW Launcher Review: As we said before, when using your Android phone, its essential that it is visually, and aesthetically appealing to you, and if the stock look doesn’t cut it for you, this is where Android Launchers come in. Join us in our Android Launcher series, where we cover the best and most popular launchers, and review them in ... Read More »

Jelly Bean finally Tops the Android Charts (Highest OS Share)

Android OS Share Stats

Jelly Bean finally Tops the Android Charts: Every month, Google puts together the numbers and pie chart which you see above. It’s available in the developers console, and gives developers a good idea of how many of the Android faithful are still on a particular version of Android. This data is all collected during a 14-day period which ended on July ... Read More »

How to Improve Your Android Battery Life

HD Widget Toggles

Extend and Improve the Battery Life of your Android Device: Over the last few weeks, I’ve been looking into the most productive ways of increasing battery life on my HTC One X (HOX). Some of the tricks I used, were extremely effective, others not so much but ALL made a difference to battery life. One of the things that spurred ... Read More »

Android 4.3 Root Available; Chainfire does it again!

Android 4.3 Root

Android 4.3 Root released by Chainfire: The man behind SuperSU has done it again! More specifically, Chainfire has managed to root Android 4.3 before it’s even officially announced. You may be wondering, how on earth can that be possible. Well its actually easier than you thin, especially for a pro like Chainfire. He modified his SuperSU root app to work ... Read More »

23% of Windows Phone Users came from Android?

Windows Phone Shares

 Windows Phone Users change from Android? Microsoft kicked off its Build 2013 conference, so if you have your head to the ground you’ll probably be hearing a lot of Windows Phone news over the coming days. Principal Group Manager, Sam George talked a bit about the Windows Phone user base and where a majority of the company’s customers are from. ... Read More »

Cloud Computing with Android Devices (An Overview)

Cloud Computing (Android)

Cloud Computing with Android Devices; Cloud computing has successfully set up its realm in the arena of technology. Sharing information and data is no more a trouble even if you do not have a PC, a Smartphone is all you need and no matter wherever you are, you stay updated and connected with all your important business. When cloud computing ... Read More »

How to Encrypt Data on your Smartphone (Encryption for All OS’s)

Android Encryption 1

How to Encrypt Data on your Smartphone In current time, spying and hacking activities are evolving rapidly that makes many users victim without their awareness. Few days ago, USA’s National Security Agency was keeping eyes on internet activities without user’s awareness, probing the call records of Verizon’s 99 million users that is a sign of infringement of your privacy. People ... Read More »

Best Features of HTC Smartphones

HTC Smartphone

  HTC Smartphones and their “Best” Features: HTC is a Taiwanese handset maker, who design and manufacture high-end Smartphones and tablets. HTC is the smart choice of people nowadays who needs an innovative design and look. Business people, professionals and youngsters are the most important consumers of HTC. HTC mobiles are available from an average price range to high budget ... Read More »

Next Launcher 3D – Which Android launcher is the best for you? – Android Launchers


  Next Launcher 3D; Android Launcher Series Next Launcher 3D is next up in our Android Launcher Series As we said before, when using your Android phone, its essential to make sure that its interface is aesthetically, and visually appealing, and if the default look doesn’t cut it for you, that is where Android Launchers come in. What is the ... Read More »