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Android Apps Which Plays Music as Per Your Mood

Android Music Apps

Android Apps Which Plays Music as Per Your Mood Androids apps have been gaining enormous popularity in the last few years. The reason behind this is their exciting collection of gadgets and excellent apps that have superior innovation functionality and performance. Among their numerous apps are those that help in playing music. There are recent modified android music players come ... Read More »

Timely; The Most Gorgeous Android Alarm Clock there is


  Timely Android App; The New Standard in App Development? When it comes to alarm clocks, there isn’t much to say. They are one of the most practical and at the same time most reviled devices out there. Mobile phones and tablets give us the functionality of an alarm clock within their interface and there are also many apps available ... Read More »

Minuum for Android; The Little Keyboard for Big Hands (Download)


  Minuum, “the little keyboard for big hands” We have seen a lot of innovations since the early 20th century, we have gone from gunpowder to nuclear bombs, simple calculators to fully blown supercomputers, carriages to sports cars but the one thing that we have failed to innovate to a big degree is our keyboard layouts. Yes, we still use ... Read More »

How to make your Android smartphone OS look like stock Android without rooting


 How to Make your Android OS Look Stock without Rooting: Stock or not is a big question when choosing an Android Operator. Android is the most popular mobile OS on the planet, this is reaffirmed by the fact that according to Google, more than 1.5 million Android devices are activated everyday by users around the globe. This is achieved due ... Read More »

How To Change Fonts on your Android Smartphone


How to Change fonts on Android: In almost all cases, we are quite content with the font that is being used as default by our computer programs or our smartphones but there are always some people who want to stand out from the crowd and so prefer their own customized typeface. For such people using Android smartphones, we have good ... Read More »

How To; Print from Android Devices


  How To Print from Android Devices: Cloud Printing Nowadays smartphones and tablets have become just like computer in terms of most functionalities. You can watch videos, surf the web and do all other sorts of stuff on them, sure they are not as powerful as computer but they make up for that with their portability. Printing is one such ... Read More »

How To transfer contacts from an iPhone to an Android


  How To Transfer Contacts from iPhone to Android The iOS and android platforms are undoubtedly the two biggest platforms in the World when it comes to smartphones and so naturally there is a bit of a rivalry going on between the two that has even trickled down to their users, Android and Apple die-hards constantly clash in forums around ... Read More »

Dots for Android – An enjoyable walk down memory lane


  Dots for Android; Simple and Addictive Remember those days at school when just sitting in the classroom listening to the teacher drawl on turned into something you just did not want to do? Well for us that was always the case and so we had found a bunch of other diversions to help us kill time. One such amusing ... Read More »

How to Block Calls on Android Smartphones

call block 1

How to Block Calls on Android: The age of mobile phones has put each and every person a phone call away from you. Some of these people are friends and family, some business associates and some acquaintances. But, there are other people from whom you may want a bit more distance than just a phone call. If they have your ... Read More »

Key Lime Pie Finally Has its Unexpected Debut

Key Lime Pie (Android)

  Key Lime Pie finally has its Debut: Forget Android Jelly Bean, folks, because word through the tech grapevine is that the Android Key Lime Pie operating system (notice the jump from ‘J’ to ‘K’)  has already been spotted on the Google Nexus 4 smartphone and Google Nexus 7 tablet. So here’s the deal. We techies expected Key Lime Pie ... Read More »