Sunday , 9 February 2014
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Dots for Android – An enjoyable walk down memory lane


  Dots for Android; Simple and Addictive Remember those days at school when just sitting in the classroom listening to the teacher drawl on turned into something you just did not want to do? Well for us that was always the case and so we had found a bunch of other diversions to help us kill time. One such amusing ... Read More »

Best Apps to have around Campus

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Best Apps to have around Campus: We are now only a few weeks away before we head back onto campus and begin a new term – or even our first term if you’re a fresher – at university. In this tech-savvy age, you should not just be sorting out your living arrangements and tuition fees – there are so many ... Read More »

[REVIEW] Todoist: The Best Looking Cross Platform To Do App?

Todoist Login Screen

Todoist is an Android To Do app with a difference: I want to start by saying Todoist isn’t just an Android / iOS app, its a powerful and complex Todo monarchy. Not only is it used and loved by some big Forbes 100 companies , they also support a massive amount of operating systems, browsers, mail clients and more. What ... Read More »