Sunday , 16 August 2015
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Google Nexus 8 Coming Soon!


Rumor has it that Google will release it’s Nexus 8 tablet later this year – possibly around June/July. The device is thought to feature the latest Android 4.5 Lollipop operating system. It seems that Google may bring it’s focus to the 8 inch market which I feel is the optimal size for smaller tablets. I have the Nexus 7 and ... Read More »

A Look At Amazon’s Own Digital Currency – Amazon Coins


If you have browsed the Amazon App Store lately you may have noticed mention of Amazon Coins, the new digital currency from Amazon which will let you save up to 10% on app and game purchases. The basic idea is that the more coins you buy, the bigger discount you get – which is great if you spend a lot ... Read More »

How Smartphones Use Continues To Rise

    This Infographic is produced by Coupon Audit (provides Express coupons) and TapThatTech   Embed this into your site:   This Infographic is produced by Coupon Audit (provides Express coupons) and TapThatTech Read More »

Wacom Cintiq Companion; Hybrid Tablet Doubles as a montor for your computer


  Wacom Cintiq Hybrid Tablet: Wacom’s Cintiq line has been making graphic designers the world over drooling for years what with its combination of a stylus-enabled touchpad and a monitor making them the perfect device for work in designing stations. But, sadly such a device has remained inaccessible to many amateurs due to their exuberant price tags with even the ... Read More »

ASUS Releases Premium Covers for the New Nexus 7


 Asus Premium Covers; New Nexus 7: In the modern era, smartphones and tablets have become enormously popular, not just as electronic gadgets but also as a mean by which you can make a fashion statement. One of the main aspect of any smartphone or tablet is its design, which is scrutinized from every angle and so to make it more ... Read More »

Asus Nexus 10; Could it Be True?


 Asus Nexus 10 Could be on the way? Google’s Nexus devices have become kind of favorites among the techies as they offer the latest iteration of Android and what it has to offer at extremely affordable prices. Last month’s launch of the Nexus 7 tablet was incredibly well received as the device is the epitome of efficiency when it comes ... Read More »

Next Gen Nexus 10 To Be Manufactured By Samsung


Nexus 10 2nd Gen on the way? According to Wall Street Journal reporter, Amir Efrati, the Head of Google Chrome/Android, Sundar Pichai, has leaked information pertaining to a next generation Nexus 10, manufactured by Samsung. If, however, Sundar provided Efrati with more details, he prefers being lax about it. Read More »

The Xperia Z Ultra; First Device With Snapdragon S800, at $1240


Xperia Z Ultra Now Available for Pre-order; The Sony Xperia Z Ultra is the first device to boast the behemoth of a SoC processor, the Qualcomm Snapdragon S800. This device is ‘Ultra,’ not only in terms of specifications, but in physical size too. At the moment, it is available only on Amazon for a staggering $1240. Read More »

RocketChip Unveils Multi Window Multitasking for Android Tablets


The Android processor manufacturers, Rocketchip, have unveiled multi-windowed MultiTasking for Android. This technology is hoped to finally put your quad core processor to good use, and according to RocketChip, if you are running this on your Android tablet, you should be able to stream YouTube videos, chat with your friends, toggle settings, as well as browse the internet, all at ... Read More »

Next Gen Nexus 7 Images Leak, We Get A Look At Features And Android 4.3


Nexus 7 2nd Gen Leaks; Hints of Android 4.3: Evleaks, has just tweeted pictures of the new Nexus 7. Considering how reliable they are for leaks, and their previous streak, there is a lot of chance that this really is the real deal, however, until the device is actually announced, for all we know, this might be fake, so take ... Read More »