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Android 4.3 Root Available; Chainfire does it again!

Android 4.3 Root

Android 4.3 Root released by Chainfire: The man behind SuperSU has done it again! More specifically, Chainfire has managed to root Android 4.3 before it’s even officially announced. You may be wondering, how on earth can that be possible. Well its actually easier than you thin, especially for a pro like Chainfire. He modified his SuperSU root app to work ... Read More »

Apple’s Third Beta iOS 7 Big News Release

iOS 7 vs iOS6

iOS7 System News: With critics labeling iOS 7 as the most advanced mobile operating system, the release of the third beta version ofiOS7 is eagerly awaited by Apple fanatics and developers in general. In previous versions of iOS 7, specifically iOS 7 beta two, Apple started support for the iPad, thus it is expected that this new version will open ... Read More »

Cloud Computing with Android Devices (An Overview)

Cloud Computing (Android)

Cloud Computing with Android Devices; Cloud computing has successfully set up its realm in the arena of technology. Sharing information and data is no more a trouble even if you do not have a PC, a Smartphone is all you need and no matter wherever you are, you stay updated and connected with all your important business. When cloud computing ... Read More »

iOS7 and iPhone 5S; System News

iPhone 5S

iPhone 5S and iOS7 News: Apple Mac has another reason to make their customer smile. The recent entry of iPhone 5s can be seen as a game changer in smart phone world. The phone has stretching advantages and is designed to ensure that users optimally use the phone without challenges occasioned by other smartphones. Besides, iPhone 5s is meant to ... Read More »

Key Lime Pie; UI Concepts Look Great!

KeyLimePie Android

Key Lime Pie Android Concepts Hit the Net; We expected Android 4.3 to be announced at Google I/O, but that didn’t happen. We were expecting Android 5.0 – Key Lime Pie to be coming in the fall, which might still happen but looks to be unlikely at this point. But Jinesh Shah has created some UI concepts for Key Lime Pie that ... Read More »

iOS 7 Copying Android; Familiar Look


iOS 7: Not Copying, Borrowing Unless you hadn’t been online for the past few days, you’ve probably heard of Apple’s newest iteration of iOS. Apple completely redesigned and transformed their platform into something fresher. It has been noted, though, that the mobile OS seems to look similar to some of its competitors. iOS 7 shows the biggest change to the ... Read More »

Halo from ParanoidAndroid now Open Sourced; Released to GitHub

 Halo from Paranoid Android released to GitHub, FIND IT HERE; There was one feature of Facebook Home that I think we can all agree that we loved, and that was Chat heads. It’s one of the best decisions Facebook has made in quite a while. The folks at Paranoid Android went ahead and added Chat Heads to their ROM, but it works ... Read More »

Android Apps Downloaded 500 Million More Times A Month Than iOS

Android App Playstore

  Android Apps Downloads Dominating iOS? Apps are very important to a mobile OS as without quality Apps, a device and mobile operating system just wouldn’t function as it should. The idea of an App is to allow the OS users to create their own functions to use with their OS. The amount of quality apps in the Google Play ... Read More »

Blackberry Messenger on its Way to Android

BBM (Blackberry Messenger) Logo

BBM (Blackberry Messenger) is Coming to Android: It may be too little too late for Blackberry all around, at least that seems to be the general consensus around town. Yet again, Blackberry has made a promising yet rather untimely announcement. Read More »

Google Maps Update; Receiving a Complete Face Lift

Google Maps Update Logo

Google Maps Update: Google hands down provides some of the most invaluable tools and services available online. Maps is no exception, Google maps has slowly gotten more and more powerful over the years and the website feels more like a Desktop app that it does just another website. That gives Google immense flexibility when it comes to updating the UI and ... Read More »

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