Sunday , 16 August 2015
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MHL 3.0 packs 4K, Multiple Displays Support and More


MHL 3.0 Allows HD Support, and Multiple Display: Mobile High-Definition Link (MHL) has been an Android industry standard since 2011 as it lets you hook up your phones, tablets and other supported devices to your HDTVs through a simple adapter that connects to your phone via the microUSB port and then the HDMI slot to the TV. Many power users ... Read More »

HTC One X Receives Sense 5 Update in Europe


  HTC One X Sense 5: HTC fortunes fell in the past few years as Samsung overtook it as the prime Android smartphone manufacturer in the World and it saw its market share and stock prices fall. But the company started to shake all of these gloomy events off with the introduction of the One Series. Last year’s flagship phone ... Read More »

Google fixes the annoying “Package file is invalid” bug in Google Play


Google Finally Fix “Package File is Invalid”; For more than a week now, the Google Play store has been the victim of an annoying bug that seems to affect users and apps at random, it began to appear after Google rolled out the newest version of its Google Play app. It strikes when somebody downloads an app or tries to ... Read More »

Nexus 7 Source Binaries Released


 Nexus 7 Source Files Released: A few days back, controversy erupted around the new Google Nexus 7 as its factory images were not being made available to the general public due to some backstage drama caused by Qualcomm that was hindering their release. This frustrated the technical lead of the Android Open Source Project (AOSP), Jean-Baptiste Quéru (JBQ), to such ... Read More »

AOSP Maintainer Jean-Baptiste QUITS


AOSP King Quits Development: Android is the most popular mobile OS in the World. There are many reasons for this but most importantly it is due to it being free open sourced which allows programmers everywhere to contribute to this continuously evolving OS and try to make it even better than before. But sadly, there are times when corporate companies ... Read More »

Key Lime Pie Finally Has its Unexpected Debut

Key Lime Pie (Android)

  Key Lime Pie finally has its Debut: Forget Android Jelly Bean, folks, because word through the tech grapevine is that the Android Key Lime Pie operating system (notice the jump from ‘J’ to ‘K’)  has already been spotted on the Google Nexus 4 smartphone and Google Nexus 7 tablet. So here’s the deal. We techies expected Key Lime Pie ... Read More »

Pattern Patent By Google; Unlock Your Apps Through your Lockscreen


Pattern Lock screen to Unlock Apps: Exhibiting good security features is essential for both mobile and PC operating systems nowadays as tech companies strive to make their users safe from the constant exploitation attempts by hackers and malwares. But, it is kind of a balancing act; the developers have to make sure that their product is not too lax in ... Read More »

Android Device Manager; Google Finally Releases a Device Tracker

Android Device Manager

  Android Device Manager; Find your Lost or Stolen Devices A long time flaw in the Android OS had recently been addressed by Google, the absence of a lost phone feature ­ in which users could remotely manage, find, lock and erase their phones. Much like the find my iPhone feature you would find in iOS devices. This is a ... Read More »

Android 4.3 Update Rolling out to “Google Play Edition” Devices

Android 4.3 Google Play Editions

Android 4.3 Update Now Rolling out to Google Play HTC One and Galaxy S4: This is one thing that Android really is improving on, and the addition of “Google Play Edition” devices, are just making it even better. Merely a week after the Android 4.3 update hit Nexus devices Android 4.3 is now rolling out to the Google Play Edition Galaxy ... Read More »

Persistent Notifications: Android 4.3 To ‘Shame’ Developers with Apps Running Background Tasks

Persistent Notifications

Persistent Notifications; No More Hidden Background Tasks! Android has taken a step forward to further protect their consumers with “persistent notifications”, as many of you may know, lots of Android Apps keep running processes and tasks in the background. This continues even after you apparently ‘terminate’ them by swiping them away in multi tasking mode. And to let the users ... Read More »