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YouTube to Introduce Paid Subscriptions; Would you Pay to Watch Your Favourite Content?

YouTube Logo (Paid Subscription)

  Youtube Paid Subscription: Today, YouTube decided to kick off their new service for video content makers which will enable them to create a paid subscription. Google is calling this a “pilot program” right now. It allows content creators to charge users a monthly fee to access and watch their videos. Plans start at $0.99 per month and can be ... Read More »

Google Maps Update; Receiving a Complete Face Lift

Google Maps Update Logo

Google Maps Update: Google hands down provides some of the most invaluable tools and services available online. Maps is no exception, Google maps has slowly gotten more and more powerful over the years and the website feels more like a Desktop app that it does just another website. That gives Google immense flexibility when it comes to updating the UI and ... Read More »

Are Google’s Social Services (Google+ etc) More Likely to Fail?


Google is one of the most successful companies in the world. Last year alone they pulled in $50 billion in revenue and their stock is continually setting new all time high records. Despite their fantastic successes, Google, like any other company, has produced its fair share of failures. Read More »

5 Ways to Save Mobile Data


5 Ways to reduce data usage   If you’re one of the many that have a limited data usage it can be a struggle to keep track of it, an those hefty bills once you’ve gone over that limit can really make your heart sink. One of the biggest questions people ask is, what is happening to my data usage? ... Read More »

66 Amazing Commands to Use with Google Now


; Google Now Commands; 66 Google Now Commands you may not have known: Google Now has been around for quite some time now, but its been brought to Google’s attention that hardly any of the features are used. The main feature that is being report as not being used is the commands you can actually use through Google Now. Read More »

Netflix to Offer Four Simultaneous Streams for $11.99


Members of Netflix who share their login information with their family and friends may at same point have run into the “2 stream cap”. At the moment Netflix users are able to stream content on only two devices at any one time. If you try to stream to more than two, you’ll be denied viewing until someone stops streaming content. Read More »

Google Now Soon to be Fully Cross Platform?


Google Now has been one of the best innovations for Android for quite some time. Now new code discovered in one of Google’s test pages suggest that it could soon be implemented onto the web. Most of you may be thinking that Chrome would be needed, but not necessarily as it could be used through Google’s homepage. Code snippets show ... Read More »

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