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Google Play Live Chat; Available for Pre-Purchase Help

Google Play Live Chat

Google Play Live Chat Available: After last November’s whole Nexus 4/Nexus 10 launch, we knew one thing about Google Play. Well actually two things. Which was their support sucks and their infrastructure was even worse. Google Play Support has gotten much better over the past 6-7 months. But now they added a new feature to their Support site. You can ... Read More »

Cloud Computing with Android Devices (An Overview)

Cloud Computing (Android)

Cloud Computing with Android Devices; Cloud computing has successfully set up its realm in the arena of technology. Sharing information and data is no more a trouble even if you do not have a PC, a Smartphone is all you need and no matter wherever you are, you stay updated and connected with all your important business. When cloud computing ... Read More »

Google Announces Purchasing of Waze

  Waze all snapped up by Google; Google confirmed earlier today that their purchase of Waze has completed. Essentially, as many predicted, Waze will operate independently while supplying Google Maps updated traffic information. So, not much is going to change except for the incorporation of traffic features into Google’s services. As we covered here, Apple also had a go at ... Read More »

Google Wallet Causing Huge Losses; Still Valuable to Google!

Google Wallet Taking a Big Chunk out of Googles Pocket; Back in 2011, Google announced its plans to revolutionize the way we buy things with its new Wallet service. The Google Wallet app promised to allow users to be able to buy things from retailers via their phone. The problem was, however, that far too many retailers supported the technology ... Read More »

FreedomPop Offering Free Voice, Text and Data Services; Without Contract

FreedomPop Logo/Banner

  Freedompop Services; FreedomPop is a pretty interesting service. The company was founded back in 2011 with the goal of providing freemium Internet to people in the United States. Recently, it has also expanded its service to mobile devices. For free, the company offers 500MB of mobile data. Additional data on top of that would cost you $10 – $20 ... Read More »

Vine for Android Released; Not in Sync with iOS

Vine for Android

Vine for Android released by Twitter: Twitter announced on Monday that Vine for Android is finally available. The app, which has lived exclusively on iOS for five months now, is available on the Google Play Store. Read More »

Android Apps Downloaded 500 Million More Times A Month Than iOS

Android App Playstore

  Android Apps Downloads Dominating iOS? Apps are very important to a mobile OS as without quality Apps, a device and mobile operating system just wouldn’t function as it should. The idea of an App is to allow the OS users to create their own functions to use with their OS. The amount of quality apps in the Google Play ... Read More »

TapThatTech now helping Provide Online Services


Online Service Provided: TapThaTech are now helping a new a fast growing Company who provide Online Services They are fast growing and have already helped 1000′s of users grow their website/blog or business in a variety of ways. They help get the word out their, and grow your businesses visibility and priority. The services they provide are things such as: ... Read More »

Flickr Making a Come Back; 1TB of FREE Cloud Picture Storage

Flickr Cloud Storage

  Flickr Cloud Picture Storage (1TB!); Yahoo just had their Flickr press conference where they unveiled some new features for Flickr, their photo sharing site. With the hopes of making Flickr “Awesome again”. Well they may have just done just that. Read More »

Google+ Receives Game Changing Update; 41 New Features


  Google+ Receives a Huge Update; 41 New Features We here at Android Headlines love Google Plus. So when we get news of a huge update we are understandably excited. The update announced by Google today definitely qualifies for a few claps of appreciation. Read More »

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