Sunday , 16 August 2015
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3 Important Things To Look Before Negotiating Website Development Contracts

Web Development

What to Consider before Negotiating Website Development: When a web development company and a client gets together, different kinds of responses take place. Some become so keen to start the project that they totally ignore the legal contract; few others work on the standard terms and do not even bother to look at them; many others still sit down and ... Read More »

Google Search; New Functionalities for Google Now + (Download)

Google Now

  Google Search Update: Google is rolling out a new update for its Google Search for Android and it seems that the main focus of this update is to add more functionality to Google Now, the sorta personal assistant by the tech giant. Of course, with these added functionalities Google Now will become even more wide range in its operations, ... Read More »

MHL 3.0 packs 4K, Multiple Displays Support and More


MHL 3.0 Allows HD Support, and Multiple Display: Mobile High-Definition Link (MHL) has been an Android industry standard since 2011 as it lets you hook up your phones, tablets and other supported devices to your HDTVs through a simple adapter that connects to your phone via the microUSB port and then the HDMI slot to the TV. Many power users ... Read More »

Google Announces Helpouts; Receive Support from Experts


  Google Helpouts; Many of us have often came across a problem that has stumped our work thus making us wish that we had an expert at hand who can help us out in this situation.  If you are one of these people then you would be happy to know that Google is working on a service which will let ... Read More »

Google Incorporates Waze into Google Maps


Waze’s Features Finally Surface on Google Maps: Waze is one of the most useful apps available in the Android and iOS marketplace. Basically it is a community based navigation app that utilizes the data submitted by millions of users to create live maps that are constantly updated to show the most up to speed traffic and roads information including accidents, ... Read More »

KeyMe; Emergency Blacksmiths Could Disappear?


  KeyMe: Never need a locksmith again! Nearly all of us have once or twice found ourselves locked out of our house or shut out of another lock because we had somehow managed to lose the key. This nearly always results in a call to the locksmith who feels the need to demand a handsome sum of money to come ... Read More »

Android Device Manager; Google Finally Releases a Device Tracker

Android Device Manager

  Android Device Manager; Find your Lost or Stolen Devices A long time flaw in the Android OS had recently been addressed by Google, the absence of a lost phone feature ­ in which users could remotely manage, find, lock and erase their phones. Much like the find my iPhone feature you would find in iOS devices. This is a ... Read More »

YouTube Live Streaming Issues with Google Chromecast

Youtube Live Stream

YouTube Live Streaming Issues: What happens when the most popular video website in the world doesn’t allow the use of one of the most fast growing video apps in the world of the smartphones? Well, then you have what happens with the YouTube live stream service, as you will see next. We’re not lying, that actually happened, as demonstrated in ... Read More »

BBM For Android now in BETA Testing

BBM For Android E-Mail

  BBM For Android: BBM For Android has been a topic for discussion for a while now, but the buzz died off fairly quickly.When it was first announced the BBM (Blackberry Messenger) was coming to Android, everybody was quite excited, other than the odd few that just don’t like BBM for various reasons, which I won’t go into. Nowadays, BBM ... Read More »

Colocated Sever Hosting VS Dedicated Hosting – Knowing the Differences

Server Hosting

Differences between Server Hosting: When selecting the hosting solution that is just right for your requirements, you will be faced with a tough choice – the all important selection between dedicated server hosting and colocated server hosting. But as you can understand from just reading these terms, they are highly technical equipment and you really need to know what you ... Read More »