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Samsung Comment on S4 Storage; Accept it; There’s an SD Slot

We recently heard that the Samsung Galaxy S4 is plagued with a lot of bloatware, at least that’s the only real explanation for how much internal storage is used up. In the 16GB Galaxy S4 model, there’s only about 9GB of usable space left. Samsung’s TouchWiz system and its related apps take up nearly 7GB of space. Some people are okay ... Read More »

TTT Highlights: 5 Tell-Tale Signs your Android Device is Infected with Malware


Android is generally not associated with Malware, however recently Android has started to receive spikes in its Malware. It has been reported that the second half of 2012 saw a 292% increase in Malware in relation to the first half of the same year. This is due to many factors one of which being that Android is spreading so rapidly, and is fairly scattered due to ... Read More »

No Surprise that US Variants of Galaxy S4 Will Ship With Locked Bootloaders


  (Image of HTC One X – No Released Bootloader image for S4) Well, isn’t this surprising, it looks like once again the carriers are locking down a Samsung device. Of course, it isn’t just Samsung devices that the carriers lock down but, in the case of the Galaxy S 4 there are going to be more people out there looking to ... Read More »

Android Continuing to Dominate; Market Shares Rising


Apple may be feeling a slight pit in their stomach right now, loosing their grasp on most if not all market shares around the globe, which can never be a good thing. With Kantar WorldPanel ComTech releasing some statistics showing the market shares for both Android and iOS. The data recently released shows clearly how Android is beginning to take hold of its ... Read More »

Samsung Note III Design Still being Decided, Three Choices up in the Air


Over the weekend, we ran a story about a Galaxy Note III prototype, which has since turned out to be fake, which is hardly surprising really. SamMobile are back with what they claim to be more information on the Galaxy Note III. Apparently, they’ve been passed an update which contains details on the design of the Galaxy Note III. They’re claiming that ... Read More »

HTC One 1.29 Firmware Update hits the UK


HTC seemed to have left out the UK in the last update, which may have made some of you feel less important than their over-seas consumers. HTC only had a limited roll-out last week, which hit some European countries. HTC has now made the 1.29.401.12 update live for Unlocked HTC One users in the UK. This comes in a little less than ... Read More »

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Rumored Specs: 5.99-inch Display, 3GB of RAM and Exynos 5 Octa!


Now that the Galaxy S4 is out and making it’s way to all the carriers it’s going to eventually be available on, it’s time to look at some Galaxy Note 3 rumors. We all love rumors right? Well before we get started, it’s important that we remind our readers that this is a rumor and could entirely be 100% false. ... Read More »

66 Amazing Commands to Use with Google Now


; Google Now Commands; 66 Google Now Commands you may not have known: Google Now has been around for quite some time now, but its been brought to Google’s attention that hardly any of the features are used. The main feature that is being report as not being used is the commands you can actually use through Google Now. Read More »

Sony Xperia ZR leaked, yet another Quad Core, Water Resistant phone


Among the latest leaks, is the Sony Xperia ZR, which, is not only smaller in size, but more water resistant than the current Sony flagship as well. Read More »

Samsung Galaxy S4 an Instant Success


When the Samsung Galaxy S4 was unveiled last month the new Android-laden flagship netted almost 90,000 social media mentions within just one hour after its launch. Read More »

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