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S3 Data Spikes Caused by Stock Browser Bug!

Samsung Galaxy S3 1

Data Bug found in S3 Stock Browser; Data is always a big thing with cell phones nowadays, especially smartphones like the S3. According to a lot of people, the Galaxy S3 was really the phone that turned the tables for Samsung, and the Android platform too for that matter. The company was able to release the device across all major ... Read More »

Smartphone Specs are They Overkill for your Needs?

Specs OverKill?

Device Specs; Are they too much for you? This week, Taylor Martin from PocketNow  put together a nice little editorial about how today’s smartphones are just overkill for your needs. While I do agree with him, I also disagree. Certainly specs on the most recent smartphones are way more than what we need, but does that mean we don’t want it? No. ... Read More »

FonePad by Asus to Rival Samsung Galaxy Note Lines

ASUS FonePad

Fonepad from ASUS: Well, we certainly know what ASUS has been focused on. Earlier this morning, ASUS unveiled quite a few devices in their upcoming lineup and they all seem to be of tablet origins. Of course, perhaps the most interesting is the ASUS FonePad Note, a 6” phablet (I really hate that word, but don’t we all). Read More »

White Nexus 4 Now Available; From Google & T-Mobile In US

White Nexus 4

 White Nexus 4 Now Available: The White Nexus 4 had been leaked and rumored for what feels like forever, but earlier this week, Google and LG finally confirmed the existence of the device. At the time, the company claimed that the device would roll out globally over the coming weeks, but for people in the United States, the coming weeks ... Read More »

Senseless ROM Finally Announced for Current HTC One users

HTC One Senseless

  Senseless HTC One Through all the rumors of the HTC One ‘Google Edition’ in the past couple of weeks, we’ve heard from our readers that HTC should release a Vanilla Android (Senseless ROM) for those that already have the HTC One. Well that might just become a reality. Read More »

Huawei Ascend P6 Leaks; Official Images

Huawei P6 Ascend

  Ascend P6 (Huawei) Image Leaks; The Ascend P6 has again surfaced on the Internet and as usual evleaks is part of the action. It wasn’t all that long ago that Huawei only manufactured low-end, ugly phones. They got almost no recognition outside of China. They weren’t even trying to sell most of their products in the US, mostly because ... Read More »

Samsung Working on a 6-inch Galaxy Note 3 without a Flexible Display?


Galaxy Note 3 (No Flexible Display?) Finally, we have some rumors that aren’t regarding Google I/O. This one is regarding Samsung and their Galaxy Note 3 that should be announced this fall. Samsung is expected to announce a 6-inch Galaxy Note 3 around IFA, which takes place Late August to Early September. And according to, Samsung is ready to ... Read More »

Sony Xperia S39H Breaks Cover; Budget-Minded Offering from Sony

Sony Logo on Phone

  Sony Xperia Budget Device: It seems that Sony is pretty busy again these days, they’ve just announced another version of the Xperia Z, the Xperia ZR and now it would appear that Sony is close to unveiling another budget-minded offering. Xperia-Blog have gotten their hands on what looks like a leaked image of another upcoming Xperia model, the S39H. Read More »

Sony’s Water and Dust Proof Galaxy S IV “Active” Gets Bluetooth Certification


There are a lot of smartphone consumers out there who need a device that can stand up to the natural elements. Currently if you need something capable of taking a Bear Grylls type beating, you are pretty much limited to just the mid/low end military standard grade Kyocera Torque on Sprint. Read More »

Which Smartphones Lose Value the Fastest; Motorola On Top

Lots of Devices

 Which Smartphones lose value fastest: Have you ever asked yourself “which smartphones lose value fastest” I have, I always like to know I’m putting my money into something worth while. Well we have received some interesting data from our friends over at, a site that will help you recycle your used mobile device and it shows us which smartphones lose ... Read More »

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