Sunday , 9 February 2014
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iDoorCam To Revolutionize Home Security


 iDoorCam: Answering the door is a piece of work especially when the person at the door is someone you had no desire of meeting at the time. Does incidents like that make you wish that you had already known who was at the door so that you could ignore them and pretend you are not at home to blow them ... Read More »

Google Glass Price Tag Rumors Emerging


Hints of a Google Glass Price Tag Emerge; We have been waiting on the Google Glass for a long time. The product, ever since its announcement, has courted intense public interest due to the nature of its architecture and its promise of revolutionizing wearable computing and making it hip. Google began shipping out these wearable curiosities this April to developers ... Read More »

CheapCast; Turn Any Device into a Chromecast


  CheapCast; Turn any Old Device into a fully functioning Chromecast: CheapCast is just another name being thrown into the World Wild Web. Whilst Google’s Chromecast surprised everyone with its successful launch last month and provided Google with an opening through which it can extend the presence of its services to the living rooms; something it has been trying to do for ... Read More »

KeyMe; Emergency Blacksmiths Could Disappear?


  KeyMe: Never need a locksmith again! Nearly all of us have once or twice found ourselves locked out of our house or shut out of another lock because we had somehow managed to lose the key. This nearly always results in a call to the locksmith who feels the need to demand a handsome sum of money to come ... Read More »

Motorola To Produce the Next Nexus?


  Motorola to Manufacture the next Nexus Smartphone? Under the ownership of Google, Motorola is looking to start things anew and make a fresh start. This journey began with the release of Moto X; the somewhat controversial flagship smartphone from the company. And now with its launch out of the way, we can look ahead to a line of new ... Read More »

Motorola CEO Praises Moto X Whilst Slamming Samsung and HTC


Motorola CEO Slams Samsung and HTC: Moto X was the phone that was going to redefine Motorola and usher it into a new age of innovation under the stewardship of Google. So, the device had a lot of expectations attached to it this drove many people to the conclusion that this will be the phone that will outstrip all its ... Read More »

Xperia; Has 7″ Tablets Shaking it their boots


Phones the Size of Tablets; Xperia: With the LG G2 getting an official announcement from the company and its specifications being made public, it is time to now focus on the next big upcoming smartphone about which we don’t know everything yet; the Sony Xperia Honami. Being labeled as the successor of the Xperia Z as the next flagship phone ... Read More »

AOSP Maintainer Jean-Baptiste QUITS


AOSP King Quits Development: Android is the most popular mobile OS in the World. There are many reasons for this but most importantly it is due to it being free open sourced which allows programmers everywhere to contribute to this continuously evolving OS and try to make it even better than before. But sadly, there are times when corporate companies ... Read More »

GooPhone; Whats with all the Buzz?

GooPhone I5

  GooPhones; Are they Good or Bad? GooPhones have been around much longer than many people realize. We all know that big companies like Samsung, HTC, Motorola and many others which use Android as their OS platform, but many of the common Android phone users do not know about the Goophone. For die hard Android fans, the Goophone is a ... Read More »

Key Lime Pie Finally Has its Unexpected Debut

Key Lime Pie (Android)

  Key Lime Pie finally has its Debut: Forget Android Jelly Bean, folks, because word through the tech grapevine is that the Android Key Lime Pie operating system (notice the jump from ‘J’ to ‘K’)  has already been spotted on the Google Nexus 4 smartphone and Google Nexus 7 tablet. So here’s the deal. We techies expected Key Lime Pie ... Read More »