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Kickstarter Project for an NFC Ring collects eight times its original goal


  NFC Ring Dominates its Kickstarter Goal: NFC (Near Field Communication) technology has started to crop up in more and more smartphones nowadays but many still question the fact whether it can really become popular with the general public with PayPal going as far as to say that the technology will “fail to gain mass adoption”. Not exactly a vote ... Read More »

How to use Helium Backup to Sync and Backup your Android smartphone’s data


How to Use Carbon(Helium) Backup to Backup your Smartphone: Many of us ignore the need to back up our devices and keep putting if off until it’s too late. Mostly for Android users, this isn’t too much of an issue as Google always keeps backups of your contacts and calendar events in the cloud and also can back up your ... Read More »

Google fixes the annoying “Package file is invalid” bug in Google Play


Google Finally Fix “Package File is Invalid”; For more than a week now, the Google Play store has been the victim of an annoying bug that seems to affect users and apps at random, it began to appear after Google rolled out the newest version of its Google Play app. It strikes when somebody downloads an app or tries to ... Read More »

How To; Print from Android Devices


  How To Print from Android Devices: Cloud Printing Nowadays smartphones and tablets have become just like computer in terms of most functionalities. You can watch videos, surf the web and do all other sorts of stuff on them, sure they are not as powerful as computer but they make up for that with their portability. Printing is one such ... Read More »

How To Install Google Play Store on the Kindle Fire


How to Install Google Play on the Kindle Fire Amazon has built an impressive collection of tablets and e-book readers that offer a great user experience and impressive hardware specs at a pretty modest rate. The Amazon Kindle Fire tablet offers great value to its customers by providing sleek functionality where it counts the most. But, unfortunately the one big ... Read More »

How to Setup and Use Google Now


  Google Now Introduction: Many people incorrectly think of Google Now as a clone of Apple’s Siri when in fact it is so much more than that. Google Now is not just a simple app that listens to your queries and then answers accordingly, it is more of like a personal assistant whose main purpose is to automate your life ... Read More »

Best Apps to have around Campus

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Best Apps to have around Campus: We are now only a few weeks away before we head back onto campus and begin a new term – or even our first term if you’re a fresher – at university. In this tech-savvy age, you should not just be sorting out your living arrangements and tuition fees – there are so many ... Read More »

CheapCast Released; Find Your Download Here


  CheapCast Released to the World; Yesterday, we reported on an app being developed by Sebastian Mauer which is supposed to function as a potential replacement for the Google Chromecast. So why would people want an alternative to the relatively inexpensive Chromecast? Well, there could be a multitude of reasons. They may not want to spend $35 on a device that ... Read More »

Asus Nexus 10; Could it Be True?


 Asus Nexus 10 Could be on the way? Google’s Nexus devices have become kind of favorites among the techies as they offer the latest iteration of Android and what it has to offer at extremely affordable prices. Last month’s launch of the Nexus 7 tablet was incredibly well received as the device is the epitome of efficiency when it comes ... Read More »

Nexus 7 Source Binaries Released


 Nexus 7 Source Files Released: A few days back, controversy erupted around the new Google Nexus 7 as its factory images were not being made available to the general public due to some backstage drama caused by Qualcomm that was hindering their release. This frustrated the technical lead of the Android Open Source Project (AOSP), Jean-Baptiste Quéru (JBQ), to such ... Read More »