Sunday , 9 February 2014
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Blackberry Messenger on its Way to Android

BBM (Blackberry Messenger) Logo

BBM (Blackberry Messenger) is Coming to Android: It may be too little too late for Blackberry all around, at least that seems to be the general consensus around town. Yet again, Blackberry has made a promising yet rather untimely announcement. Read More »

HP TouchPad to Regain Some Life; Android App Compatibility(Kickstarter)

HP Logo (Glass)

HP TouchPad to be Provided Android App Support: I’m sure you all remember the Web OS powered HP TouchPad. The tablet was never really given a chance to succeed for some reason and seemed to be discontinued and removed from store shelves almost as fast as it hit them. The result of that decision was the fire sale of all ... Read More »

Samsung Working on a 6-inch Galaxy Note 3 without a Flexible Display?


Galaxy Note 3 (No Flexible Display?) Finally, we have some rumors that aren’t regarding Google I/O. This one is regarding Samsung and their Galaxy Note 3 that should be announced this fall. Samsung is expected to announce a 6-inch Galaxy Note 3 around IFA, which takes place Late August to Early September. And according to, Samsung is ready to ... Read More »

Android Market Share (More) In-Depth; Samsung Dominating

Android Market Share Pie Chart 1

  Android Market Share (In-Depth): Tapjoy, the mobile ad network recently began allowing their advertisers to target specific Android devices. Besides this being a pretty cool tool for marketing managers around the world, this new capability also allowed Tapjoy to gather some very interesting data that gives us a big-picture view of the Android ecosystem and namely how the Android ... Read More »

Gmail, Drive and Google+ Photos Storage Combine – 15GB Free By Default

Google I/O Logo 2013

  Google Combining Storage Today, Google announced that they are combining your storage for Google Drive, Google+ Photos and Gmail. So instead of 5GB each, you’re starting out with 15GB of space for free. Not bad right? It also appears that they are doing away with the $2.50 plan that gives you 25GB of space. Instead, the lowest paid plan ... Read More »

Google To Unveil Smartwatch, Along With Changes to GMail and Maps

Google I/O Logo 2013

  Google to release lots of Goodies at this years I/O With only a few days to go before Google I/O finally kicks off, you’d think that the leaked info and the rumors would sort of die down, and everyone would sit tight to see what’s going to happen next, right? Well, this is Internet so, the chances of that ... Read More »

Sony Xperia S39H Breaks Cover; Budget-Minded Offering from Sony

Sony Logo on Phone

  Sony Xperia Budget Device: It seems that Sony is pretty busy again these days, they’ve just announced another version of the Xperia Z, the Xperia ZR and now it would appear that Sony is close to unveiling another budget-minded offering. Xperia-Blog have gotten their hands on what looks like a leaked image of another upcoming Xperia model, the S39H. Read More »

Sony’s Water and Dust Proof Galaxy S IV “Active” Gets Bluetooth Certification


There are a lot of smartphone consumers out there who need a device that can stand up to the natural elements. Currently if you need something capable of taking a Bear Grylls type beating, you are pretty much limited to just the mid/low end military standard grade Kyocera Torque on Sprint. Read More »

5G Plans; Samsung to Launch 5G Wireless By 2020


5G Wireless Technology by Samsung: It’s looking more and more like within 10 years we’ll all be using gigabit Internet, however not just through fiber, but also through the wireless network, if Samsung has something to say about it with their plan to launch 1 Gbps 5G technology by 2020. Yes, we’ve only just got 4G and that’s still rolling out, ... Read More »

Smartwatch; Whats with All the Hype?


Smartwatch “The Boom” You’ve all seen the stories. Google is working on a smartwatch, Apple is working on a smartwatch, Samsung, Microsoft and many others are working on smartwatches too. What is it about watches that has convinced companies they are so worthy of all these R & D dollars. Several companies, including tech industry magnate Sony, have even already ... Read More »