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iWatch From Apple might be released in 2014


The Apple iWatch for 2014? Reports have emerged claiming that the Apple iWatch may be coming our way in 2014. According to ZD Net, two Taiwanese firms that usually build devices for Apple have been given the go ahead to build the iWatch as well.  “Apple is likely to introduce ‘iWatch’ in 2014. From our channel checks, Inventec is the ... Read More »

How to Enable Chrome For Android’s latest Tab UI

chrome for android

Chrome for Android Beta has New Tab UI Beta’s are a great way to introduce a product to the customers so that they may test it and provide you with feedback that you can use to further hone your product. But, it comes with a warning on the customer’s side, as the betas are not fully finished products and may ... Read More »

IntelliGrip NFC Car Mount Brings You An Automated Dash

nfc car mount

An NFC Car Mount NFC is a nifty little technology that has been slowly creeping into the mainstream over the last couple of years. You can use NFC tags or stickers to perform automated functions on your compatible devices and that means nearly all of the current lines of smartphones and tablets. Today we are going to be discussing an ... Read More »

Google Nexus 4 Gets An Astounding Price Cut

Nexus 4

  Massive Price Cut comes to the Nexus 4 The Google Nexus 4 smartphone manufactured by LG that was released last October is a beauty of a phone, not just on the outside but on the inside as well. The way Google and LG have been able to bring about a marriage between top of the line hardware and a ... Read More »

Google Responds To Accusations That AllCast For ChromeCast Was Intentionally Blocked


AllCast Blocked From Chromecast Chromecast has been in the news ever since its launch for a lot of reasons but the most exciting one was the potential of this tiny device and how it can be used to not just stream content from services like Google Play and Netflix but also from local sources like Dropbox and Gallery. Several developers ... Read More »

Motomaker Might Soon Debut Wooden Backs For The Moto X

Moto X

Wooden Backs for Moto X via Motomaker The Moto X is the new flagship smartphone by Motorola that many hope will signal a return to form by the once dominant company. It was made available on the AT&T and Rogers networks last week and the response has been mixed to say the least. While many praise its functionality and the ... Read More »

SwiftKey Gets An Update – CloudSync + Throws In a 50% Discount!


SwiftKey Update: A few days back, we brought you news about the Minuum keyboard for Android which in our opinion has the potential to be the best smartphone keyboard in the market. But, if you think that the relatively alien nature of the Minuum keyboard app is too much of a leap for you than your next best option is without ... Read More »

Google Search; New Functionalities for Google Now + (Download)

Google Now

  Google Search Update: Google is rolling out a new update for its Google Search for Android and it seems that the main focus of this update is to add more functionality to Google Now, the sorta personal assistant by the tech giant. Of course, with these added functionalities Google Now will become even more wide range in its operations, ... Read More »

Ubuntu Edge Smartphone’s Indiegogo Campaign Breaks Records – But Fails

ubuntu edge

Crowd funding has become all the rage among developers who are looking for funds that can help make their ideas a reality and the track record of sites supporting these campaigns is also pretty great. According to a recent report, more than 44% of the projects that are put onto Kickstarter in order to seek funding have succeeded by getting ... Read More »

MHL 3.0 packs 4K, Multiple Displays Support and More


MHL 3.0 Allows HD Support, and Multiple Display: Mobile High-Definition Link (MHL) has been an Android industry standard since 2011 as it lets you hook up your phones, tablets and other supported devices to your HDTVs through a simple adapter that connects to your phone via the microUSB port and then the HDMI slot to the TV. Many power users ... Read More »