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How SMTP Makes Emailing Easier and Flawless

SMTP Advantages

  SMTP Advantages and Ways to Use it: With the advent of technology, business and marketing world has come of age. Gone are the days of postcard mails and mouth-to-mouth publicity stunts, it’s the age of web marketing. Yes, online marketing has leapfrogged its rivals in the business world by a mile and thriving big. With a lot to give ... Read More »

OtterBox Defender iON Case for iPhone 4/4s – Review

OtterBox Defender with iON

  OtterBox Defender iON Case for iPhone 4/4s: OtterBox have provided us another case this time its the OtterBox Defender iON case for the iPhone 4 / 4s. OtterBox make some extremely rugged cases for your smartphones and tablet, but also have some cases for the less extreme situations. They have an array of colours and models for you to take ... Read More »

Earn Money with Adsense WITHOUT a Website; InfoGraphic

Adsense Revenue Sharing Sites

 Google Adsense Revenue Streams; Earn without a Website!! Adsense can be one of the hardest online revenue streams to get accepted into. I’ll be honest with you all here, the hardest way to get into Adsense is actually using a website to apply. There are far easier ways to get into Adsense, which can actually get you approved within hours ... Read More »

Gorilla Glass Future Developments; Anti-Reflection and Anti-Microbial

Gorilla Glass Antimicrobial

  Gorilla Glass; Anti-Reflection and Anti-Microbial developments: Corning, the company behind Gorilla Glass, has announced that it’s working on future versions of Gorilla Glass that will help with the reflectivity of the screens, and help fight against germs on your screen. Reflectivity makes the screens less clear and less visible in sunlight, and it’s one of the biggest problems with ... Read More »

Galaxy S4 Extended Battery; Mugen 5500 mAh

S4 Extended Battery

S4 Extended Battery Now Available; Mugen 5500 mAh: One of the biggest factors that people enjoy a removable battery is the option to keep replacement batteries, or extended batteries for specific devices. Lately, Zero Lemon has been putting together some amazing extended batteries. In fact they have a 9300mAh one for the Galaxy Note 2. Today, Mugen announced their S4 ... Read More »

Android 4.3 Root Available; Chainfire does it again!

Android 4.3 Root

Android 4.3 Root released by Chainfire: The man behind SuperSU has done it again! More specifically, Chainfire has managed to root Android 4.3 before it’s even officially announced. You may be wondering, how on earth can that be possible. Well its actually easier than you thin, especially for a pro like Chainfire. He modified his SuperSU root app to work ... Read More »

Cloud Computing: Data Privacy in the Cloud

  Cloud Computing; How Safe is your Data in the Cloud? With the recent leaks of the NSA PRISM program, privacy is of ever-increasing concern to people of the United States and the world. At the same time, there is an increasing trend towards Data and software cloud services. When businesses are storing their information on the amorphous Internet cloud, ... Read More »

Amazon GameCircle Released; Get Your Game On!

GameCircle (Amazon)

GameCircle by Amazon Now Available: Amazon just announced that they are opening up the GameCircle service to include support for all Android devices, a big hooray to Amazon. If you don’t already know, GameCircle is a proprietary game service like OpenFeint or the new Google Play Games. It allows developers to offer in-game achievements, an RPG-like leveling system, accomplishments and even cloud ... Read More »

Samsung Galaxy S4 Active Root Method RELEASED!

S4 Active Root

  S4 Active Root method Released; As Simple as an App Download This next fellow needs no introduction, as he’s relatively well known for hacking… a lot of devices. The name is Geohot, and I’m sure you recognize him. He went to war with Sony some time ago for hacking the console and opening up the system to custom firmware ... Read More »

YouTube App Update’s; To be Used as a Music Streamer?

YouTube Logo

  YouTube Update may cause Major Issues to the Music Industry? Ryan Matthews,who is commonly know for revealing future features of all things Google, like the new GMail interface which we saw a couple of weeks ago, Hangouts, Nexus hardware and more. He’s known been able to get his hands on some of the new features about to hit the ... Read More »