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Exclusive Deals Between Carriers and Manufacturers; They’re Bad But They Still do it


Exclusive Deals Between Carriers and Manufacturers: While HTC is starting to understand that exclusive deals between carriers and manufacturers is a bad thing for its brands and sales, most other OEM’s are still happily making exclusive deals with the carriers. When will they learn that this is bad for them? Read More »

Red HTC One Hits the Internet; Not for the First Time.


The Red HTC One has once again shown its face. When the HTC One first launched, a red variant of the phone cropped up on the official website. It led many of us (including me) to believe that a Red version of the HTC One would soon hit store shelves. Not long after we reported on the finding, HTC released a statement that no ... Read More »

LG Optimus G2 on its way to Sprint; With Snapdragon 800 (LS980)

LG Logo

LG Optimus G2 heading for Sprint: As the Optimus G Pro launches on AT&T, we’re starting to look towards LG’s next flagship smartphone and there’s good reason to think that it’ll be a direct follow-up to last year’s Optimus G. You might have heard the model number LS980 before, as it recently passed Bluetooth certification. Read More »

Google Glass Etiquette Guide; WSJ Claims One Needs to be Made by Google


Google Glass Etiquette Guide, Should there be one and why do we need it? Google Glass has been receiving a ldot of press lately, some good and some bad. Yesterday, the company published a guide as to who should  wear Glass and who shouldn’t due to the health risks associated with it. For example, Google says people under 13 or ... Read More »

Are Google’s Social Services (Google+ etc) More Likely to Fail?


Google is one of the most successful companies in the world. Last year alone they pulled in $50 billion in revenue and their stock is continually setting new all time high records. Despite their fantastic successes, Google, like any other company, has produced its fair share of failures. Read More »

Highest Ever Google Stock Price; Closes at a Staggering $861.55


Google Stock Prices are always fluctuating but yesterday we saw the highest ever Google stock price which is unbelievable and over the last few months, something interesting has been happening in the stock market altogether. Apple, who once had a stock price of over $700, has seen its stock price plummet to as low as the high 300s. Read More »

Best Smartphone Camera; Samsung Releasing 16.1 MP Smartphone Camera

Samsung Camera

Last year, we saw the release of Samsung’s Galaxy Camera and it seems that while the fusion of Android and high-end camera gear worked well, the pricing and performance of said high-end camera gear held it back. I myself was also pleasantly surprised to see that Camera’s are now receiving some much needed innovation as far as user interface is concerned. Read More »

Google Glass for iOS Users; Google Suggests it’s on its way for Apple users


According to a Google employee, Glass is not going to be Android exclusive. Apparently, Glass will eventually be compatible with the iPhone and iOS, as well. Although the information offered by an unnamed source wasn’t quite specific about how the two systems would be connected. iOS devices may or may not require an additional app to connect to Glass, the ... Read More »

Amazon To Make Room For A 10.1 Inch Kindle Fire On It’s Virtual Shelves

KIndle Fire Logo

Rumor has it that when Amazon refreshes their Kindle Fire line of tablets later on in the year there will be an addition to the family. It seems as though Richard Shim, who happens to be an analyst for NPD DisplaySearch, gave the the heads up to CNET that Amazon is planning on coming out with a 10.1 inch tablet ... Read More »

Acer to Release a 8.1″ Windows Tablet; Nexus 7 and Kindle Fire Competition?

Acer 8 Inch Windows Tablet

Acer released a series of new Tablets and Laptops, equipped with screens ranging from 11.6 to 15.6″ during a press conference in New York on Friday. However, some consumers are still complaining that there is no Windows device that is a smaller tablet, such as the iPad Mini and Nexus 7 which are in the 7 to 8″ range. Read More »

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