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HTC Gets a Boost; Finally Some Samsung Competition

HTC Logo

HTC Overtakes Samsung becoming the 5th largest Smartphone Manufacturer in Japan: Finally some Samsung competition is growing in the Smartphone market. On Wednesday, the market research firm IDC Japan revealed that the HTC has become the fifth largest Smartphone manufacturer in Japan in the first quarter of this year. Previously in last quarter of 2012, the Korean company Samsung used ... Read More »

S4′s AMOLED Display Gains Samsung an Award; 97% Color Accuracy

Samsung Award

AMOLED Color Accuracy Award for Samsung; AMOLED screens especially Super AMOLED’s have always had incredible contrast and color range, but despite this the colors displayed by Samsung’s panels have always felt a little bit over saturated. With colors that seemed too good to be true. The richness and vibrancy of the colors made a lot of people buy these phones. ... Read More »

Sony Google TV; Same Box Different Remote?

Google TV (Sony)

  Sony Google TV; Have Sony been lazy? What difference does an added digit to a model number make? Well, in this new Sony Google TV Box, extremely little. While there’s been no new developments on the Google TV front from the horse’s mouth, partners continue to make new hardware and release new devices. Unless of course, if you’re Sony ... Read More »

12.2 Inch Tablets on the Way; Samsung Determined to beat Apple

Samsung Conference

 Samsung and Apple race to 12.2 Inch Tablets; Smaller 7-inch devices appear to be ruling the tablet space with the highly successful Nexus 7 and Kindle Fire leading other companies, including Apple, to adopt the smaller more portable form factor over the larger 10.1-inch form factor. Despite the market for smaller, cheaper tablets, recently a rumor has emerged that Apple ... Read More »

HTC One Mini images leaked; shows 4.3-inch 720p display and 4 MP UltraPixel Camera

HTC One Mini (M4)

HTC One Mini device leaked; Specs and Images: We heard some rumors about the “Mini” version of HTC’s flagship device the “HTC One” earlier this month. And now we have some leaked images of the HTC One Mini which were published by Estonian website Forte. The pictures show a black HTC One mini (codenamed – M4) and have some of ... Read More »

Samsung Outselling Apple Now; First Time since iPhone 5 Release

Manufacturer Stats

  Samsung finally outselling Apple since the release of iPhone 5 (sigh of relief); Samsung and Apple have always been very close in terms of device sales, but over the last few months Apple has trudged ahead thanks to the hype surrounding its iPhone 5 flagship. Prior to that, Samsung was comfortably outselling the iPhone with its Galaxy Note lineup ... Read More »

AMOLED Displays going to be Scarce this Year!

Amoled Display (Screen)

AMOLED Displays; Not enough of them ! It seems like Samsung is going to be plagued with quite a few production shortages this year. Recently DigiTimes reported that Samsung may run into supply issues with their octa-core Exynos chip. As it turns out, they may also have issues when it comes to supplying AMOLED display panels. Read More »

Pressure Sensitive Stylus; Demo by Nvidia CEO

Stylus Pressure Sensored

 Stylus revealed by NVidia; Pressure Sensor Over the last couple of years, we’ve seen mobile stylus use make a reappearance, thanks in large part to Samsung’s Note series, including the Note smartphones, Note 8.0, and Note 10.1. The devices include a Wacom stylus that is incredibly precise and goes against the general thought that using one is clumsy and buggy. Read More »

FonePad by Asus to Rival Samsung Galaxy Note Lines

ASUS FonePad

Fonepad from ASUS: Well, we certainly know what ASUS has been focused on. Earlier this morning, ASUS unveiled quite a few devices in their upcoming lineup and they all seem to be of tablet origins. Of course, perhaps the most interesting is the ASUS FonePad Note, a 6” phablet (I really hate that word, but don’t we all). Read More »

Acer’s new $400 ‘PC’ Runs Android and Powered by Intel’s Haswell Chip

Acer all in One

  Acer all in one PC: Acer hasn’t seen to much success with Windows 8, and they’ve been moving further toward Chrome OS and Android for their devices. They are going to announce their AiO (All in One) next week which is said to pack a Intel 3GHz core i5 4430 “Haswell” processor and it’ll run Android. Read More »

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