Sunday , 16 August 2015
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Google Launches Project Tango


Google has released a YouTube Video showing off its latest technology for the mobile world – Project Tango. The YouTube video has this description: Project Tango is an exploration into giving mobile devices a human-scale understanding of space and motion. What if you never found yourself lost in a new building again? What if directions to a new location didn’t stop ... Read More »

Microsoft takes over Nokia

Microsoft Banner

Microsoft Acquires Nokia In a £4.6bn deal, Microsoft has bought Nokia’s mobile phone business in a bid to break Apple and Google’s dominance over the smartphone business. Entering this area late with the Windows Phone in 2010, Microsoft has a lot to prove to come close to the current giants. Speaking with the BBC, Microsoft chief executive, Steve Ballmer, said ... Read More »

Ubuntu Edge Smartphone’s Indiegogo Campaign Breaks Records – But Fails

ubuntu edge

Crowd funding has become all the rage among developers who are looking for funds that can help make their ideas a reality and the track record of sites supporting these campaigns is also pretty great. According to a recent report, more than 44% of the projects that are put onto Kickstarter in order to seek funding have succeeded by getting ... Read More »

Asus Nexus 10; Could it Be True?


 Asus Nexus 10 Could be on the way? Google’s Nexus devices have become kind of favorites among the techies as they offer the latest iteration of Android and what it has to offer at extremely affordable prices. Last month’s launch of the Nexus 7 tablet was incredibly well received as the device is the epitome of efficiency when it comes ... Read More »

Motorola CEO Praises Moto X Whilst Slamming Samsung and HTC


Motorola CEO Slams Samsung and HTC: Moto X was the phone that was going to redefine Motorola and usher it into a new age of innovation under the stewardship of Google. So, the device had a lot of expectations attached to it this drove many people to the conclusion that this will be the phone that will outstrip all its ... Read More »

GooPhone; Whats with all the Buzz?

GooPhone I5

  GooPhones; Are they Good or Bad? GooPhones have been around much longer than many people realize. We all know that big companies like Samsung, HTC, Motorola and many others which use Android as their OS platform, but many of the common Android phone users do not know about the Goophone. For die hard Android fans, the Goophone is a ... Read More »

Security is Key: Google Adds 7 More Android Security Features


Google Release 7 More Security Features for Android Devices: Google released the latest iteration of the Android mobile OS last week called the Android 4.3 Jelly Bean. First look of the new version gives you the impression that not much has changed. But, it is when you look under the hood that you really see the difference. Google’s ‘sweeter Jelly ... Read More »

Phillips Hue Lightstrips; Create Your Own Moods!


 Phillips Hue Lightstrips for at home Mood Setting: Pihllips Hue (lightstrips) are set to create an ambient feeling no matter where you are, all controlled by your favorite smartphone or tablet. Philips Hue LED light bulbs are a fully customizable collection of LED bulbs that have the ability to offer up to 16 million different colors by combining three basic ... Read More »

Gorilla Glass Future Developments; Anti-Reflection and Anti-Microbial

Gorilla Glass Antimicrobial

  Gorilla Glass; Anti-Reflection and Anti-Microbial developments: Corning, the company behind Gorilla Glass, has announced that it’s working on future versions of Gorilla Glass that will help with the reflectivity of the screens, and help fight against germs on your screen. Reflectivity makes the screens less clear and less visible in sunlight, and it’s one of the biggest problems with ... Read More »

Galaxy S4 Extended Battery; Mugen 5500 mAh

S4 Extended Battery

S4 Extended Battery Now Available; Mugen 5500 mAh: One of the biggest factors that people enjoy a removable battery is the option to keep replacement batteries, or extended batteries for specific devices. Lately, Zero Lemon has been putting together some amazing extended batteries. In fact they have a 9300mAh one for the Galaxy Note 2. Today, Mugen announced their S4 ... Read More »