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Smartwatch; Whats with All the Hype?


Smartwatch “The Boom” You’ve all seen the stories. Google is working on a smartwatch, Apple is working on a smartwatch, Samsung, Microsoft and many others are working on smartwatches too. What is it about watches that has convinced companies they are so worthy of all these R & D dollars. Several companies, including tech industry magnate Sony, have even already ... Read More »

Google Glass Update; Glass Getting Sociable


Google Glass Update: I’ve been wondering for a while when Google may do a little more with their Glass than just taking photos and sharing them. Well the Google Glass update that has just been pushed does just that. The Google Plus app for Glass has just received a major overhaul. In this most recent Google Glass update,  Push notifications are now ... Read More »

Google Glass for iOS Users; Google Suggests it’s on its way for Apple users


According to a Google employee, Glass is not going to be Android exclusive. Apparently, Glass will eventually be compatible with the iPhone and iOS, as well. Although the information offered by an unnamed source wasn’t quite specific about how the two systems would be connected. iOS devices may or may not require an additional app to connect to Glass, the ... Read More »

Google Swiftly Moving on From Google Glass; Filing Smartwatch Patent


If there’s one thing that Google really impress me with is the fact that they’re never happy, they’re always thinking about what to do next, and that something just might end up being a Google smartwatch. Thanks to the USPTO, we can see that Google has a fairly defined vision on what their smartwatch might look like, and how us ... Read More »

Schmidt on Google Glass Critics “Society Afraid of Change”


Well isn’t that true. A good example is the change in Windows 8. Everyone complained that it was horrible, etc., but the only real thing they could say was bad about the new OS was that the start button was gone and the start menu had changed. Sounds like people are just afraid of change, right? Well Google Glass is ... Read More »

Paper Shredder Concept Turns Paper into Briquettes


Lets face it, shredding paper is fun we all have the urge to just shred some when we see a shredder. Well with this new concept for a paper shredder you will be able to not only shred the paper but burn it once shredded too. This new idea for a paper shredder is to turn the result of your ... Read More »

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